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May 29, 2012

Immigration 'Top Concern' in Euro Vote

Trefis -- Boston -- May 29, 2014   
     Looks can certainly be deceiving. Take the seven-meter-high barrier between Morocco and Spain's North Africa enclave. How could such a small wall change so much in a person's life?
    Well, just ask Keita Mohammed, a migrant from Mali. He crossed the deserts of Algeria to make it into Europe.
    “The only reason why we move to Europe is because we have to. Economically, logistically, technologically Europe is very strong. Politically, and I would say even morally they have the head.”
    Keita's perspective is poignant these days, as immigration is a sizzling topic in the upcoming EU elections.
    In France, the National Front has had its eyes on 25 seats in the European Parliament. In UK, voters are expected to place the anti-immigration, anti-EU UKIP ahead of other mainstream parties on Election Day.....
New York Times -- May 29, 2014
Storming a Spanish Border in North Africa