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May 28, 2012

Why Julian and Joaquin Castro
could be worse than Fidel and Raul

Josh Bernstein -- The Examiner -- May 25, 2014   
Obama's Aztlan Axis
     While most Americans are celebrating Memorial Day Weekend and giving thanks to those that sacrificed their lives for freedom and liberty, the President just nominated a cabinet member who if confirmed by the Senate could one day possibly be more of a threat to freedom and liberty than The President himself.
    That man is current Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro. Why did the President nominate this man to become our next Housing and Urban Development Secretary? Why is he so dangerous? Who is Julian Castro?
    Julian Castro, along with his twin brother Joaquin have been born and bred to be Socialist Revolutionaries by their radical activist mother, Rosie. Their mother was a well known radical leftist community organizer in Texas in the 1970's.
    Their mother was one of the original founders of one of the most radical separatist groups in the world, The National Council of La Raza. La Raza literally means, "the race." [...]

At the very least Julian Castro could be the next Democratic Party's Vice Presidential Nominee. He would be an Electoral College Godsend immediately putting in play every single swing state. These two brothers if allowed to run roughshod over America and the Constitution could do more damage to this Country than Fidel and Raul could ever dream of....
ABP Comment: "Barack Obama is the most dangerous person ever to have appeared on the American political stage. His election to the presidency would mean national suicide.".......