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May 26, 2012

In Memoriam
A Little White Cross
American Border Patrol -- May 26, 2014   
    Little White Cross (1946)
    This song was written by Glenn Spencer's father, right after World War II. Glenn's uncles served during the war, including a B-24 pilot and an infantry officer who was wounded.
    Glenn Spencer, Sr. was a member of ASCAP and wrote many songs for the Sons of the Pioneers.
    Tim Spencer, Glenn's uncle, founded the Sons of the Pioneers with Roy Rogers and Bob Nolan.
Listen to Little White Cross
(Solo by Ken "Festus" Curtis)
    Little White Cross in a far-a-way land.
    What do you mark in the place where
    you stand?
    What does your slanting shadow caress
    When the sun sinks low in the wilderness
    Little White Cross with your head held high.
    How do you stand with your head to the sky?
    What do your out-stretched arms implore?
    What are your legions standing for?
    Symbol of mercy help us learn, When all of the tears are dried.
    How we may earn the right to live
    As greatly as they who died.