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May 24, 2012

Report: Border Patrol Scrambling To Keep
Up With Shifting Immigration Patterns

Daily Caller -- May 23, 2014   
They built some really good fencing in Texas -- but not much.
     The U.S. Border Patrol is having trouble shifting resources towards a heavy stream of illegal immigrants whose entry patterns are moving eastward along the Mexican border, the Associated Press reports.
    The Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas has seen an accelerated influx of illegal immigrants.
    Between Oct. 1 and May 17, 148,000 arrests were made at the border in the Valley, according to the AP which obtained internal documents from the Border Patrol.
    That level of traffic is on pace to surpass all of last year’s arrests in the area in only eight months. Agents arrest an average of 1,100 illegal immigrants a day.
    For the first time last year, the Rio Grande Valley surpassed the Tuscon, Ariz. sector in terms of arrests. Only 63,000 illegal immigrants were arrested in that area last year.
    Using an internal metric to measure whether “sufficient assets” – drones, infrared cameras, and other detection equipment – are in place at various spots along the border, the Border Patrol document shows that the Rio Grande Valley has a “deployment density” of 58 percent, ranking it near the bottom compared to other sectors........