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May 19, 2012

GoPro Goes to the Border
Now You Can See For Yourself!

American Border Patrol -- May 19, 2014   
     American Border Patrol has been flying the border for years. We mapped the entire US-Mexico border fence.
   Now we are going to give Americans a closer look. On Thursday, I flew our Cessna TU-206 from Bisbee to Nogales with a GoPro Hero3+ under the wing.
    It was fantastic! The resolution and wide-angle coverage is unlike anything we have been able to do up to now.
    We made a YouTube video, and it tells a story
- but it isn't like watching the original big gigabyte files!
    I have decided to attach two GoPros under the Cessna's wing and fly the entire US-Mexico border.
    When members of Congress see for themselves what the border is really like, they may decide that we really do need to secure the border first! (In one stretch, I flew along 41 miles of the border without seeing evidence of the US Border Patrol - and you wouldn't either if you looked at the footage!)
    By the way, ABP is the only organization that does this sort of thing. If you think we deserve support, click here.