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May 18, 2012

Sheriffs: Obama bowing
to immigration pressure

Boston Herald -- May 17, 2014   
Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson
     Tough-talking Bay State lawmen are slamming a possible move by the Obama administration they say would “water down” a controversial crackdown on illegal immigrants, and they're accusing the White House of trying to score political points during an election year.
    “This program would absolutely be efficient if the Obama administration hadn't been trying to find ways to break it down,” said Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, a Republican who's backed the use of the so-called Secure Communities program.
    Secure Communities allows the Department of Homeland Security to match fingerprints of suspects charged with local or state crimes with their immigration database, detain them if they're in the country illegally and potentially deport them.
    “This president has continued to find ways to water down the rules and laws,” Hodgson said. “If you're not a citizen of our country, you've already broken the law. And if you got arrested, there was probable cause that you did something wrong. That's the slippery slope and the danger we're facing when people start tinkering with things to stop being consistent with the law.”.......