Past Features

May 16, 2012

Anti-immigration party is shaking
up the political order in Britain
Washington Post -- May 14  
    St. Ives, UK -- As surely as the toll echoes from Big Ben, every nationwide election in Britain for more than a century has been won by one of two parties: Labor or the Conservatives.
    Next week, that august record is likely to come crashing down, courtesy of a far-right insurgent party that has seized on a pervasive anti-immigrant and anti-establishment mood to rocket to the lead in polls for the European parliamentary election.
    The rise of the U.K. Independence Party has shaken up British politics in a way rarely seen here. While far-right parties have long been influential across continental Europe, they have always been relegated to the fringe in this country, which sees itself as open and inclusive.
    But the political and economic stars have aligned in UKIP’s favor, and a party that's dismissed as racist, xenophobic and a bit loony by London sophisticates suddenly is steering the national debate with its calls for Britain to close down borders and leave the European Union....
ABP Note: in 2000, Glenn Spencer spoke at a conference called in Defense of Western Man. -- One of the other speakers was Nick Griffin of the British National Party - the precursor to the UKIP. The SPLC attacked Glenn for appearing at this function.