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May 12, 2012

The Liberal BBC And the
Attempted ABP Hat Trick
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- May 12, 2014   
     Last summer HBO visited ABP. I made it clear before they arrived that I expected them to focus on technology, not politics. They wanted to fly along the border. Before we did, for insurance purposes they revealed that the people doing the shooting was the Honest Engine production company.
When became suspicious of the direction of the interviews, I checked out Honest Engine. Turns out they are closely associated with Michael Moore.
    At one point they brought in a person for a taped discussion. That person asked me if I truly let my German Shepherds out every morning to harass Mexicans. I walked off and shut down the interview. After a letter from my lawyer,
they cancelled the show, for which they had spent thousands of dollars in production.
Deja Vu all over again?
We were supposed to be visited by BBC on June 15. In arranging the visit, I made it clear that ABP focused on using technology on the border and I expected a serious effort on the part of BBC.
Just like HBO BBC asked that their production company be added to the aircraft insurance policy. This time they revealed the name of the production company before they arrived. That company was Hat Trick Productions. Wikipedia says: "Hat Trick Productions is a British independent production company that produces television programmes, mainly specializing in comedy."
Friday morning I e-mailed the BBC producer and cancelled the visit.
have hosted and flown along the border plenty of TV crews from Europe -- but not the BBC. I always suspected this was because they are extremely liberal. I was right. They were going to do a hit piece on me and ABP.
    We had been slandered by CNN,
and an attempt was made by HBO. I guess the BBC effort was aimed at a Hat Trick.....