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April 30, 2012

Importing Poverty - a Case Study

American Border Patrol -- April 30, 2014   
I just want to make sure that we are not importing poverty.
     In 1980 there were 6,639 Hispanics living in the Rockford Ill, metropolitan area.
By 2012, that number had risen to 44,375 - a 560% increase.
During the same time period, the number of Blacks rose from 20,924 to 36,414 - a 74% increase.
The report shown below suggests that Rockford is importing poverty.
Glenn Spencer coined the phrase Importing Poverty in 1992. -- April 29, 2014  
Rockford Importing Poverty? What a Taxpayer Funded Study Says About Explosive Poverty Growth
    Rockford, Ill. -- Within the walls of RMAP -- data is being collected and analyzed -- for local officials to use. And while some believe much of what RMAP produces in its latest report 'Vital Signs' is useless to policy makers, the report does provide insight into the causes of Rockford's rapid decline. The Transform Rockford movement used RMAP's data to discuss the 'brutal facts' confronting Rockford, and Alderman Dr. Tim Durkee has a lot of confidence in RMAP's data as well. "You have to acknowledge the strength of the data RMAP does generate," he tells Eyewitness News.
    Data which reveals that over the past 40 years, Rockford transformed itself from a city where wealth has gone from 2.2 percent above the national average to a shocking 19.5% below it. And when you look at the major factors driving those numbers -- unemployment -- crime -- poor schools -- they all share one common bond -- Poverty!
    Rockford's crime problem is both the result of poverty and a cause of it, the report saying Rock for d's "... high propensity for crime is one of the factors affecting the region's ability to attract jobs, retain quality businesses, and severely affects the quality of life for many residents." RMAP researchers found that "Of School District 205 parents only 35% of respondents felt safe walking ..." and that because of real crime or the perception of crime, each Rockford taxpayer pays a much higher amount on police compared to their neighbors, leading to higher taxes.......