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April 27, 2012

A Colony of the World

Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- April 28, 2014   
     In the closing minutes of the last major debate over amnesty, Senator Elizabeth Dole said: “My view, my strong view is that it's not promises, it's proof that the people want.
    The American people want to see results --- control of that border --- and we need to establish standards --- metrics --- and show that the have been achieved.”
    Now, seven years later, the Department of Homeland Security still refuses to adopt a metric for border security. If you don't believe me, just watch two Arizona Republic editorial writers discuss the issue: Napolitano stepping back on border-security metrics?
Powerful political forces, backed by the mainstream media, are clamoring to legalize people who entered the country illegally, while refusing to secure the border. If they succeed, we will have no immigration control and the United States of America will be a Colony of the World - just as the liberal Senator Eugene McCarthy, warned. In his 1992 book, A Colony of the Word - The United States Today, McCarthy observed: "Our refusal to recognize or our reluctance to assert the relative merits of our culture and way of life, compared to immigrant cultures is surprising." He called people like Henry Cisneros "classical colonialists."
The last time America was a colony, the people rose up and ended it. The American people are waking up again and are beginning to assert the relative merits of their culture and way of life. We can only hope it is not too late reassert our way of life and our sovereignty.
(On October 16, 1993, a group that I ran hosted a rally at the Warner Center in Sherman Oaks, California, with Senator McCarthy as my featured guest. I had dinner with him and a small group of activists. He thanked me for my work.).......