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April 27, 2012

We Dodged the Bullet this Time

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- April 27, 2014   
     Yesterday a border town narrowly escaped disaster. I saw it coming. Winds were blowing out of the West at more than 40 mph with gusts. There hadn't been real rain for months.
    The fire started in a campground on a migration route out of Mexico. As I drove out of Sierra Vista toward my border ranch, I saw the wisps of smoke and I knew immediately it could be trouble - and how it got started.
    I took a quick shot with my iPhone out of the front window of my Hummer (if you drove the dirt roads to my ranch you would understand why I have a Hummer).
    The fire spread quickly, threatening homes in the area. Pre-evacuation notices were being given. Then the wind suddenly died down. From 40 mph at 6 PM to less than 10 mph at 7 PM. It was stunning - almost a miracle - saving a major subdivision.
    There is no doubt in my mind that this fire was set deliberately by an illegal alien - just like in 2011 with the Monument Fire (except in that case the alien was still in his home country so he was best described as a probable Mexican national).
The fire was set because of the wind - knowing it could do great damage to Americans.
    Illegal aliens set fires all along the border - some to divert the attention of the US Border Patrol - and some out of pure malice.
    We dodged the bullet this time, but this won't be the last fire. Failure of our government to secure the border south of Sierra Vista - or anywhere else - is placing American lives at risk. The people at DHS know this, but they believe that their globalist agenda is worth the risk.......