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April 24, 2012

Spooked by immigration,
disgruntled voters turn to UKIP

Reuters -- April 24, 2014   
    Such resentment has helped transform UKIP, which wants Britain to exit the EU and to sharply curb immigration, from a marginal protest party into one poised, say opinion polls, to come second after Labour or even first in the May elections.
    Such an outcome would be humiliating for Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives and would fuel their alarm about a split in the centre-right vote in next year's national election which could deny them another five years in government.
    UKIP currently has only nine seats in the European Parliament and no elected members in the British parliament. Yet it won almost one in four votes in local elections last year and has also pushed the Conservatives into third place in a string of one-off votes for national parliamentary seats. [...]
   That sense of abandonment is one of the biggest things now attracting voters to UKIP, said Jane Collins, one of UKIP's leading candidates for the European Parliament elections.
    "I don't think either Labour or the Conservatives should be too arrogant and complacent about their position. We are a danger to both parties. They live in the Westminster bubble," she said, referring to the district where parliament is based.
    "And they haven't realised the bubble is about to burst.".....