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April 22, 2012

Immigration: Border Patrol Agents Arrest
More Than 200 Immigrants Hiding In Texas

Fox News Latino -- April 20, 2014   
Fence under construction near McCallen, Texas (2009) -- See This. Map....
    McAllen, Texas (AP) -- At least 80 immigrants suspected of entering the United States illegally were arrested in a makeshift encampment in suburban South Texas.
    They were found in an undeveloped patch of scrub near an abandoned tennis club in McAllen. They were camped under tents and huts camouflaged with mesquite branches and cacti. Some told authorities they had been there sleeping on pieces of cardboard with little food or water for at least a week. [...]
The Border Patrol made more than 154,000 arrests on the section of the U.S.-Mexico border in southernmost Texas last year, more than anywhere else on the Southwest border. The majority of the immigrants come from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.
    Guides typically lead the immigrants across the Rio Grande in smaller groups and then mass them in so-called stash houses on the Texas side of the border until their transportation can be arranged for the next leg of their journey."
ABP NOTE: Depending on funding, American Border Patrol is planning to update its Texas Operation BEEF maps. -- Donations may be made here....