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April 20, 2012

Could Drones Be Used in Boston?

CNN -- April 19, 2014   
News Item
    Sanaa, Yemen -- A drone strike in Yemen on Saturday killed at least 10 suspected al Qaeda militants but also inadvertently resulted in the deaths of three civilian day laborers, a high-level Yemeni government official told CNN...
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol  
Payback Time?
Small electric drones of the type used by American Border Patrol for testing purposes have amazing capabilities.
    They can fly miles from the point of launch, flying a pre-programmed path that needs no radio link. The flight is autonomous using GPS navigation only.
    Watch this quadcopter fly for thirty-five minutes.
    At 30 mph it has a range of seventeen miles.
    These things are easy to use. These things are cheap.
    What is to stop a few terrorists from launching, say, ten or more of these drones to set off a series of small explosive devices right over the Boston Marathon?
    I hope the security team has thought of this.....
ABP Note: If the terrorist used a fixed wing model drone, the Winrider Queen Bee has a range of fifty miles! Watch