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April 17, 2012

Court Deportations Drop 43
Percent in Past Five Years
New York Times -- April 16, 2014   
   New deportation cases brought by the Obama administration in the nation’s immigration courts have been declining steadily since 2009, and judges have increasingly ruled against deportations, leading to a 43 percent drop in the number of deportations through the courts in the last five years, according to Justice Department statistics released on Wednesday.
    The figures show that the administration opened 26 percent fewer deportation cases in the courts last year than in 2009. In 2013, immigration judges ordered deportations in 105,064 cases nationwide.
    The statistics present a different picture of President Obama’s enforcement policies than the one painted by many immigrant advocates, who have assailed the president as the “deporter in chief” and accused him of rushing to reach a record of two million deportations. While Mr. Obama has deported more foreigners than any other president, the pace of deportations has recently declined. [...]
    In addition, since 2011 the administration made a major shift in enforcement geography, sending more agents and resources to the Southwest border to quickly remove immigrants caught crossing illegally. Many deportations at the border do not go through the immigration courts.
ABP Note: The US Border Patrol catches people, logs them in and, if they are from Mexico and not really bad dudes, they are sent back over the border. They are not even arrested and they are not "deported". -- The NY Times is misleading its readers. What's new?....
Updated at 7:45 AM PT -- There is a way to increase deportations without really doing it. If an illegal alien refuses to return to Mexico voluntarily (VR) after a border apprehension, he can insist on consular representation pursuant to an earlier MOU. This would require an adjudicated removal - or deportation. Would the Mexican government play along with this? Hmmmm....