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April 16, 2012

Border Security a
Presidential Campaign Issue?
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- Fox Business -- April 15, 2014   
   Rep. Trey Gowdy: There are some presidential candidates on the Republican side that I have had private conversations with that do have ideas on how to devolve the authority from the executive branch onto a group that we have more trust and confidence in. Those are interesting and provocative thoughts. In other words, the executive branch doesn’t have the final say so over whether or not laws are enforced.
    I had a bill called the Safe Act which allows state and local law enforcement to pursue enforcement of our immigration laws, but nothing has changed in terms of our trust with this administration.....
American Border Patrol-- April 16, 2014
 This sounds like some presidential candidates have watched Glenn Spencer's GovSec West speech of last November! Glenn proposed bypassing DHS and giving a border commission (as defined in the Senate Immigration Bill of 2013) the power to report the true status of border security to Congress.
    He made sure that Rep. Gowdy got a copy of that speech on a thumb drive delivered to his office - along with thousands of petitions. ...