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April 15, 2012

Sen. Klobuchar pressing Mexico
on heroin cartels and sex rings

Minneapolis Star-Tribune -- April 15, 2014    
   Washington, DC -- Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar is pressing Mexican law enforcement authorities to acknowledge responsibility for spiking numbers of heroin and sex-trafficking incidents that increasingly are ravaging neighborhoods and families across the United States — including Minnesota.
     In a series of meetings in Mexico City, Klobuchar is joining North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and Cindy McCain, wife of Arizona Sen. John McCain, in urging the Mexican government to intensify its work on both sex trafficking and the illegal movement of heroin into the United States.
     “One of the things we can acknowledge when we're meeting with them is that we have our own issues on this,” said Klobuchar in an interview from Mexico. “We're not just telling them, ‘Do this or do that.’ We are saying we have our own issues.” [...]
    American law enforcement agents say that extremely sophisticated criminal organizations are moving from Mexico to hubs like Chicago or Minneapolis. There, they hide in immigrant-heavy neighborhoods, peddling cheaper, purer heroin to a growing population of customers who often are already addicted to painkillers....
ABP COMMENT: Glenn Spencer warned about the flood of Mexican drugs into our heartland fifteen years ago. For that, he was labeled a hate monger by the SPLC. Now, people like Klobuchar keep a straight face while asking the Mexican government to do something about trafficking. How can she do that when she knows our border is wide open? When are the American people going to get some backbone?....