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April 14, 2012

Cartel violence ramps up in
Mexican border state of Tamaulipas

Dallas Morning News - April 14, 2014    
   Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mex. --In the troubled state of Tamaulipas, authorities are bracing for widening conflict that in recent days has left more than 30 people dead and, in this city bordering Texas, led to a spate of kidnappings and extortion.
    The mayhem comes as residents were just beginning to talk of an unusual lull in violence.
    But in recent weeks, four to five people a day have been kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo, and extortion is on the rise, U.S. law enforcement authorities said. They attributed the rising insecurity to the renewed power of the Zetas drug cartel, with ties in the Dallas area. At least eight of the kidnapped victims are Americans, some with links to organized crime, the authorities said. [...]
    In Nuevo Laredo, the rash of kidnappings was highlighted by the disappearance of former Mayor Benjamin Galván and well-known businessman Miguel Ángel Ortiz on Feb. 27. Their bodies were later discovered in the neighboring state of Nuevo León, raising new fears in Nuevo Laredo. Two senior Mexican law enforcement officials are also missing.
    “If they can kidnap and kill the former mayor, we’re all vulnerable,” said one former official who, like many, is pondering a permanent move to Texas....