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April 12, 2012

Can An Arizona Company
Save Kenyan Elephants?

London Guardian -- March 28, 2014    
Drones in Kenya to Combat Elephant and Rhino Poaching
    As prices and demand increase, so does the illegal killing of rhinos and elephants in sub-Saharan Africa. Now the Kenyan government is hoping to use surveillance drones to combat the increasing problem of poaching.
    The Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) says the drones would help to cover larger areas in a shorter period of time than rangers on the ground are able to. The aircraft would be more economical, reducing the cost of fuel, wear and tear on vehicles, and feeding of rangers.
American Border Patrol -- April 12, 2014 
Arizona to the Rescue
    Glenn Spencer, head of Border Technology, said that his IDENTISEIS® system can make better use of drones by detecting poachers as they enter the wildlife preserves. "Electric drones have a limited range and you must know where to send them," Spencer said, "Our sensor system will know when and where to use them."
Spencer said his firm has entered into an agreement with a Kenyan company to market IDENTISEIS® and IDENTICOPTER™ in Kenya.
"We are confident that your product offering can be applied across a wide range of sectors, namely - Wildlife Services, Forestry Services, Agricultural - large scale commercial farming, Transportation - Oil pipelines and Airports, and National Security - Border surveillance and sensitive installations," the Kenyan company wrote BTI in an email.
UPDATE! (4/12/14 -- 9:40 AM PDT) -- BTI tells ABP that they just heard from their Kenyan contact. An e-mail received this morning included this: ..." the line Ministry in charge of Wildlife protection is very much aware of IDENTISEIS..."...
CBS News -- March 9, 2014 
Stepping up the fight against elephant poachers