Stranger in a Strange Land
Giving a nod to Robert A. Heinlein - a favorite author of my youth

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- April 6, 2014

A TV crew from British Broadcasting Company (BBC) will pay a visit to American Border Patrol this summer. In an email, the producer said, "The work you're doing is so unique, we would like to focus on the technological solutions you have developed to the border problem with Mexico."

This will not be the first time a TV crew from Europe has visited American Border Patrol. We have hosted TV crews from Germany, France, Switzerland (see additional photos here and here), Denmark, and Italy. In some cases it was their second visit. We have hosted TV crews from Japan as well -- twice.

Our neighbor to the north, Canada, has sent TV crews twice -- in the last year alone.

We have been visited by Al Jazeera English.

In most cases I personally flew the TV crews for an aerial tour in our Cessna TU-206.

So what about TV crews from the US? We have had local coverage in Tucson, but in the past eight years national coverage as been rare indeed.

In 2006, a TV crew from CNN paid a visit. It was for the Paula Zahn Now show. They went back to their studios and proceeded to slander me. CNN did return in 2012 and I took the crew flying along the border.

Sensing a lack of interest in the technology we were testing, I pointed out the location of the sensor line to reporter Bolduan, saying, “This is going to be very big and I bet you will eventually tell the story.” I am learning that eventually may be a long time

Arizona Media

KGUN TV in Tucson has reported on our work, including the incredible night flight of the Border Hawk.

KVOA TV (Tucson) has done even better: 2003 --- Sensor Story -- 2004 --- Border Hawk UAV -- 2004 -- WMD Story --- 2010 – Operation Border Count --- 2011 – Flags Along the Border --- 2011 Sonic Barrier --- 2013 IDENTISEIS.

While our local paper, the Sierra Vista Herald, has given our work excellent coverage, the Arizona Republic and Arizona Daily Star have ignored us entirely.

FINALLY -- Coverage in Phoenix

Throughout the years, major media outlets in Phoenix have not covered the American Border Patrol story – until now.

On March 27, 3TV KTVK published a news article titled “Lawmaker supports Giving Tax Dollars to Alleged Hate Leader.” It was written by reporter Dennis Welch.

The following day, 3TV KTVK Phoenix broadcast a news segment covering the same “story."

Following these stories, a law firm representing Glenn Spencer wrote a letter demanding an on-air apology from Sander Media.

It ended with the following: We believe that the publication of such misinformation by your organization was deliberate, done with malice and with the intent to defame Mr. Spencer and cast him in a false light. Mr. Spencer has suffered damages as a result of your organizations deliberate and malicious actions. We demand that Sander Media air an apology on its Good Evening Arizona program for defaming Mr. Spencer and placing him in a false light by quoting the completely biased and discredited SPLC and ADL. We also demand that Sander Media retract the article on its website. Failure to do so will force Mr. Spencer to take additional steps to protect his rights and reputation , mental and emotional interests.

Links Removed

As of 5 AM, Pacific Time, on Sunday, April 6, 2014, the original link to the 3TV story results in an empty page.

Stranger in a Strange Land

For twelve years American Border Patrol has worked to inform the American People about the situation on the US/Mexico border. For almost the entire period the mainstream media in Phoenix have refused to report on its work – until now. “I have been a stranger in a strange land,” Glenn Spencer said.

Well, as we are learning, the land of the media in Phoenix is certainly strange - As is the land of the media in the rest of the country.

Thank you KGUN, KVOA and Sierra Vista Herald/Review for upholding journalistic standards.