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April 5, 2012

Farage Warns Of Far-Right EU Revolution

Sky News -- London -- April 3, 2014    
   The UKIP leader says there is a worrying rise of neo-Nazism and warns the EU could end with violence on the streets.
    And he said if people could not wrest back control of their own countries diplomatically then they would do so violently, referring to the rise of the Golden Dawn party in Greece.
    Mr Farage said: "I want to see the EU brought to an end, but I want it to end democratically. If it does not end democratically I am afraid it will end unpleasantly."
    He said he wanted Britain's exit from the European Union to be a trailblazing move for other countries.
   "Already some countries are beginning to see the rise of, worryingly, political extremism. There is a neo-Nazi party in Greece that look certain to win seats in the European parliament.
    "We see in Madrid, we see in Athens very large protests, tens of thousands of people, a lot of violence.
    "If you take away from people their ability through the ballot box to change their futures because they have given away control of everything to somebody else then I am afraid they tend to resort to unpleasant means and that’s my big worry." ....
Sky News -- London -- April 1, 2014    
    German President Joachim Gauck has criticised the Swiss system of direct democracy, calling it “dangerous when citizens vote on highly complex issues” in reference to the decision by the Swiss in February to curb immigration....
ABP Comment: Abraham Lincoln "... that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Sorry, Abe.