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April 4, 2012

Farage v Clegg: Ukip leader triumphs
in second televised debate

The Guardian -- London -- April 2, 2014
"Let's control our borders"
Nigel Farage
   Nigel Farage triumphed in the second television debate on Europe by a clear-cut 69% to 31%, an instant poll showed, suggesting that a more emotional but often overscripted Nick Clegg failed to convince viewers that Ukip is selling the British people a "dangerous con" and a "fantasy".
    The Guardian/ICM findings after the BBC2 debate were almost exactly matched by a separate YouGov poll for the Sun, showing that in a sometimes brutal debate, with both men accusing the other of lying, it was the Ukip leader who came out ahead by an even bigger margin than a week earlier. Farage scored points as he lashed out at big business and wealthy landowners and warned there will be violence on the streets of Europe if the EU is not dismantled and democracy handed back to nation states. He said his aim was to protect the white working class. [...]
    The Ukip leader accused Clegg of wilfully lying to the British people. He called on voters to join his "people's army" to overthrow the political establishment. "Let's take back control of our country. Let's control our borders and have a proper immigration policy. Let's stop giving away £55m a day as a membership fee to a club that we don't need to be a part of. I would urge people: come and join the people's army. Let's topple the establishment who have led us to this mess."
ABP Note: The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) will be visiting ABP's ranch this summer. The BBC producer told Glenn Spencer: "The work you’re doing is so unique, we would like to focus on the technological solutions you have developed to the border problem with Mexico." ....