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April 1, 2012

Report: Rampant Crime Is Affecting Business
In Mexico & Other Latin American Countries

Latin Post -- March 29, 2014
   Violence has engulfed Mexico for more than a decade and it does not seem to end. People are murdered, injured and kidnapped on an almost daily basis and, while the government attempts to curtail all of it, they cannot succeed. Now, it seems the violence may begin affecting Mexico'sbusiness prospects as fear of further violence could affect business and their employees.
President Enrique Pena Nieto has tried again and again to prevent the violence from spreading but he has not fully succeeded. Mexico has become one of the top fifth violent nations in Latin America to do business in, according to FTI Consulting. A report by FTI Consulting, Inc., a global business security assessment firm, listed Mexico along with Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala and Haiti as places dangerous both for companies and executives.
"After some initial success in lowering homicide rates," writes Frank L. Holder, Chairman of Latin America for FTI Consulting and author of the Latin America Security Index, "the overall security situation in Mexico shows little sign of further improvement. The growth of militias to fight the drug cartels, infighting among the cartels themselves and continued government actions has shown a similar level of public insecurity, kidnappings and violence as prior years, with increases in some areas such as theft of merchandise in transit."...