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Crime in Mexico Fueled By
Deep Distrust in Police -- March 27, 2014 
   Mexicans don't trust law enforcement agencies, which creates a toxic environment for combating cartel violence, according to research released on Thursday.
    Roughly 90 percent of Mexicans have little or no confidence in municipal police. Judges hardly fair better, with 82 percent of respondents expressing distrust. The numbers help explain the rise of vigilante groups in Mexico, which have taken the law into their own hands.
    The statistics are part of an analysis of Mexico's security situation published on Thursday by the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center, a Washington, D.C., based think-tank.
     Violence in Mexico has risen to epidemic levels in recent years, as the Mexican government has struggled to reign in powerful drug cartels. An estimated 60,000 people died in drug-related violence between 2006 and 2012.....
ABP Note: They got it wrong again. The construction of the more than 600 miles of border fence and vehicle barriers set off a fight over remaining drug smuggling corridors. ABP reported this more than five years ago, but the same mainstream media that calls us a hate group refuses to report on our work. How can we deal with our problems if they keep hiding the truth? -- Read this for proof.