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SPLC Links Spencer to Simcox - Falsely

Americsn Border Patrol -- March 28, 2014 
Simcox photo from L.A. Times (arrow, text added by ABP)
Excerpt from Letter to SPLC, dated Feb. 26, 2014 (more in serial form later)
    ...Your organization next asserts that “in 2002, Spencer finally abandoned the Golden State for Cochise County, Arizona, joining several other anti-immigrant activists including Minuteman cofounder Chris Simcox, who have relocated to the southern border.” As with Ms. Coe, by attempting to link Mr. Spencer to Mr. Simcox, your organization attempts to infer that Mr. Spencer somehow supports Mr. Simcox and his ideologies. In fact, Mr. Spencer had never heard of Mr. Simcox before he moved to Cochise County in 2002. In addition, any due diligence on your organization’s part would have revealed that Mr. Spencer has been very critical of Mr. Simcox and refused to work with him on immigration issues.
    In fact, some additional due diligence by your organization would have revealed that on March 19, 2003 the following article entitled, “American Border Patrol Rejects Militia Manifesto -- Simcox Plan a Formula for Disaster” was published and states:
“Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol has denounced a plan by a group headed by Chris Simcox to repel illegal aliens “with force if necessary!. Mr. Simcox has made some pretty irresponsible statements in the past, but this crosses over the line and cannot be allowed to go unchallenged, Spencer said. According to Spencer, he had warned Simcox in the past to obey all laws and avoid the threat of the use of force on the border. “I told Mr. Simcox that I have worked for 12 years on the border problems and I was not interested in having all that work ruined by the irresponsible acts of some misguided publicity seekers.” Spencer said Simcox is becoming a perfect foil for those seeking to keep the borders open. “The recent story in the Los Angeles Times shows just how the open borders crowd will use Simcox’ irresponsibility to smear all those who are seeking to have our laws enforced by official law enforcement agencies,” Spencer added. Spencer said that the American Border Patrol is a tax exempt organization dedicated to reporting factual information, and opposes vigilante and militia movements.” ....