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Senator Melvin Fights for the Truth, and Arizona

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 27, 2014 
Senator Melvin at Border Tech
demonstration last August
    Back in December of 2010, Arizona State Senator Al Melvin (R-Tucson) was present when Mike King of Border Technology gave a live demonstration of a new border security system - then called the Sonic Barrier. Glenn Spencer of ABP was also present.
You can watch a video of that presentation here.
Since that initial presentation more than three years ago, the Sonic Barrier has been steadily improved and it is now called IDENTISEIS (Identification using Seismic technology) by its developer, Border Technology, Inc.
    Last summer, Senator Melvin watched a demonstration of the latest version of IDENTISEIS® at Border Technology’s test site on the Mexican border in Arizona.
    A 7-minute video of that demonstration can be seen here.
    Senator Melvin, a retired Navy Captain, has spent time to learn how this new technology works. He understands it, and how important it could be to Arizona.
    Recently an Arizona State Senate committee considered the possibility of developing a “virtual fence” along the border. A variety of technologies have been proposed.
    After Sen. Melvin suggested considering the IDENTISEIS technology, developed by a company associated with Glenn Spencer, he was set upon by Dennis Welch, 3TV Political Editor, who quickly pointed out that Spencer had been accused of running a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
    "I believe he's a patriot and he's trying to help the United States secure the border," Melvin told Welch.
    I got a call from Welch after he spoke with Sen. Melvin. I denied the accusations made by the SPLC and explained that my lawyer had prepared a letter demanding that the SPLC remove their false and slanderous accusations from the Internet. That letter, which had been in preparation for a month, will be mailed today.
I am proud of Senator Al Melvin for taking the time to understand the IDENTISEIS system and for showing courage by showing up at our demonstration last summer. He was aware of the fact that I run Border Technology and that there was a good chance that he would be attacked for being associated with me in any way. He knew that people like 3TV would play the “hate” card if they had a chance.
Well, they played that hate card, but this time things are going to be different. The technology that we have developed is just too good to be silenced by attempts by leftists who want to smear the messenger.
In the past few months, as word of the capability of the IDENTISEIS system became well known, expressions of interest have been coming in from around the world.
In one case, Border Technology signed an agreement with a company in Kenya who will work with the Kenyan Wildlife Service to see in IDENTISEIS can help stop poachers from killing elephants. It can.
In another case, BTI has been working with a company in Nigeria on a proposal to use IDENTISEIS to secure Nigeria’s borders against terrorist, and to stop the multi-billion dollar theft of oil from their pipelines. This work is active and IDENTISEIS can do the job.
And, there are active potential projects in India, Bulgaria, Canada, and Turkey.
In the U.S., BTI has been working with one of the top five DOD contractors to evaluate the potential effectiveness of the IDENTISEIS system. After a year of study, that contractor decided to move ahead with a test to integrate IDENTISEIS into its force protection systems.
This is what that contractor said: .“You have something totally unique in the sensor world; it detects and could be used for multiple environments. That it is a ‘one of a kind’ that fits a whole bunch of niches in the security world that is right now not being filled.”
I told reporter Welch that I believed that the IDENTISEIS system could secure the border within two years. I am convinced that it can.
IDENTISEIS is a major breakthrough that could help solve many problems around the world, and bring jobs to Arizona.
I am proud of the IDENTISEIS system and I am proud of Senator Melvin for showing leadership and courage. He is the kind of person that Arizona needs as governor.....