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Massacre Near Arizona-Mexico Border Shines
Light In Increase As Drug-Trafficking Corridor

Fox News Latino -- March 23, 2014 
    Hermosillo, Son., Mex. -- The massacre of seven men near the Mexico-Arizona border came in a previously quiet area increasingly used as a drug-trafficking corridor, and a U.S. expert said Friday the attack in the newly valuable territory could be the work of rivals of the once-dominant Sinaloa cartel trying to exploit the arrest of the gang's leader. [...]
    Anthony Coulson, retired head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's office in Tucson, Arizona, said the attack could be the start of a turf war between another gang and the Sinaloa cartel.
    With Guzman in custody and top lieutenant Gonzalo Inzunza possibly dead, "you have a territory in dispute... a key important territory," he said.
    "Who controls that corner controls how trafficking goes into California, which was a Chapo Guzman stronghold that he took over from the Arellano Felix organization," Coulson said. "That's a key strategic point, because of such a huge uptick of trafficking into Southern California."
ABP COMMENT: They are fighting over corridors into the United States. Does our government know exactly where these corridors are? Yes. Do we know how to plug them? Yes. Will we? No.
ABP's Operation BEEF shows what the fence looks like in these corridors. In California. In Arizona....