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Time to solve the ultralight problem

American Border Patrol -- March 24, 2014 
    The recent discovery of an ultralight aircraft found crashed into a tree near San Diego once again points to a serious problem that our government doesn't seem to know how to solve.
    Two years ago, Congress passed a law increasing the penalties for using ultralights, but, to our knowledge, DHS/CBP has yet to find a practical way of detecting them as they cross our border.
True, a contract was let for a new radar system,
but it has very limited capabilities, and is very expensive.
    Last summer, a company called Border Technology briefed key people a DHS/CBP on a system that would do the job at a fraction of the cost of specialized radar, but they have been told funds are not available to test the system.
    Some say the government isn't really interested in solving the ultralight problem.
    If it is serious, it is time to give Border Technology a chance to show what its system can do.....