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Cartels pipe heroin, death into the heartland

Minneapolis Star Tribune -- March 23, 2014 
    Minnesota's heroin boom is fueled by a highly-structured cartel network that links the poppy fields of Mexico with interstate transit corridors to the Upper Midwest
    Today, the wreckage can be seen across the Twin Cities --- from the Anoka County gathering where parents told stories of death and addiction, to the Scott County courthouse, where a 20-year-old addict, pregnant with her first child, was sentenced to jail this month. The number of heroin deaths in the Twin Cities has tripled since 2011, to 63 last year. Hospital emergency rooms recorded 3,500 visits from panicked heroin users in 2011, and prosecutors say court dockets are crowded with heroin possession cases...
ABP Comment: Twelve years ago Glenn Spencer raised the issue of Mexican gangs spreading drugs into America's heartland. For this, the Southern Poverty Law Center labelled American Border Patrol as a "hate group."
    This claim was repeated in the Arizona Daily Star.
    To date, the Star has yet to send a reporter to American Border Parol's border operation to learn the truth about its work.
    America has a problem with illegal immigration and drugs, due in large part to attempts by people like the SPLC and the Daily Star to demonize Americans who merely speak the truth....