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Cross-border gangs, Mexican drug cartels
gaining hold on California, report says

Long Beach Press-Telegram -- March 20, 2014 
    A report released Thursday from California Attorney General Kamala Harris shows the union between Mexican drug cartels and California prison gangs may have led to an increase in the amount of drugs, guns and human trafficking victims flooding into state.
    The new criminal alliance has had a significant impact on how local law enforcement agencies deal with gangs and gang-related crimes, local officials said.
    “It challenges law enforcement resources,” said Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell. “Previously, if you were able to bring down a street gang, you were successful in stopping whatever their criminal objectives were. Now you’re essentially only addressing a small part of that criminal corporation despite the takedown. It makes them more resilient.”
The state’s realignment efforts --- which put more criminals under county supervision --- has turned county’s 58 jails into “shops for the Mexican Mafia,” said Imperial County District Attorney Gilbert G. Otero at a news conference Thursday in Los Angeles.....