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Fox News -- April 18, 2017
Kelly says terror threat from southern border keeps him 'awake at night'
   Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly warned Tuesday that the next terror attack could be committed by enemies sneaking through America's southern border, as he defended the tough actions being taken by the Trump administration to secure the region.
    “I'm staying up late at night every night to try to prevent that from happening. So that's what keeps me.... awake at night,” Kelly said of the terror threat.
    He made the comments during a Q&A session following a speech at George Washington University. In the address, he called the administration's fight against illegal immigration “really remarkable” and pushed back on criticism from Capitol Hill --- saying lawmakers can either change the law or "shut up."
    “The dramatic reduction is evident across the southwest border,” he said. ".... These numbers are lower because we've shown that we're serious about border security and enforcing our immigration laws.”
    Kelly said while there has been a 70 percent reduction in illegal immigrants in the first 90 days of the young Trump administration, the terror threat from the southern border is still significant.
    "I said it a lot back then, and I'm trying to do something about it now, that if there is --- when there is another terrorist attack in our country, if it comes from outside the country, up until 90 days ago, I would say that that individual or individuals.... get into the United States through the southwest border,” he said.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
It only makes sense
    American Border Patrol, “America's non-governmental eyes on the border”, recognized the potential threat of terrorists coming across the border. To demonstrate this, we snuck a simulated weapon of mass destruction from the Mexican border (actually six feet south of the where the border is remarked --- but still inside the U.S.) up to a waiting truck on Arizona Highway 92. That was thirteen years ago.
    We repeated the ‘stunt' two more times without being “caught”. We understand that the U.S. Border Patrol changed the way it does things as a result.
    Things have changed and there are different forces at work. The construction of the border fence starting in 2006 led to the Mexican drug war. With the new Trump ‘wall' in the offing, the cartels are going to get really desperate --- and angry. It only makes sense that they would be more than happy to join with international terrorist to make money --- and get at us.

May 27, 2017

Trump Budget Includes San Luis Border Crossing Rebuild 
The federal government would pay to overhaul the port of entry in San Luis, Arizona, under President Donald Trump's proposed budget. -- The president's budget seeks to make overall cuts in federal spending. But it sets aside $234 million to tear down and rebuild the San Luis port of entry. Local officials are both surprised and excited. -- "It feels good after five years of traveling and presenting presentations and looking like a broken record sometimes to finally see it come true,” said San Luis Vice Mayor Matias Rosales.......

My San Antonio          
Former finance secretary of Tabasco state in Mexico indicted in Corpus Christi 
The former finance secretary for the Mexican state of Tabasco has been indicted in Corpus Christi, the latest charges in a series of cross-border prosecutions by federal investigators in South Texas. -- U.S. officials last month charged José Manuel Saíz Pineda, 49, the former finance secretary; his wife Silvia Beatriz Perez Ceballos, 49, and business associate Martin Alberto Medina Sonda, 44, with money laundering conspiracy and conspiring to commit bank fraud, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Houston.......

Press Telegram          
Here is Long Beach (Calif.) police policy for dealing with immigration violations and ICE 
though Long Beach has not officially declared itself a sanctuary city, Long Beach police have said it would be harmful for them to act as a de facto arm of ICE. -- “Enforcing immigration at the local level undermines the trust and cooperation with immigrant communities, which are essential elements of community oriented policing,” the department said as part of a statement issued earlier this year in response to Trump's threat to defund sanctuary cities. -- In practice, the department said it does not detain anyone based on immigration status alone. California's Trust Act prohibits local law enforcement from holding people for deportation after being arrested for a lower-level crime.......

Border Patrol seizes cocaine from commercial bus toilet 
Border Patrol agents found more than $1 million in cocaine hidden in a commercial bus's toilet Thursday. -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the bus was crossing the U.S./Mexico border at the Sarita checkpoint the afternoon of May 25 when a dog alerted to the truck. The passengers were removed from the bus, and agents located 15 bundles of cocaine hidden in the toilet. The bundles were all wrapped in black tape, weighed more than 44 pounds combined and had an estimated value of $1.4 million.......

MALDEF Vows To Fight 'Vigilante Justice Bill' After Texas Sues Over SB 4  
The Texas Legislature is keeping the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) busy this session. -- First, there's Senate Bill 4, one of the most controversial bills to come out Austin this session. MALDEF opposes the bill, which targets so-called “sanctuary cities.” The group was named in a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to affirm the constitutionality of the law.......

LA Daily News          
Carter national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski dies 
Zbigniew Brzezinski (ZBIG'-nyef breh-ZHIN'-skee), the national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter, has died. He was 89. -- His death was announced on social media Friday night by his daughter, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. She called him “the most inspiring, loving and devoted father any girl could ever have.” -- Brzezinski helped topple economic barriers between the Soviet Union, China and the West. And he helped Carter bridge wide gaps between the rigid Egyptian and Israeli leaders, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, leading to the Camp David accords.......

Guzzardi: For California Pols Pondering White House Bid: Mission Impossible 
For political reporters, writing hypothetical stories about which prospective candidate might run for what office is a break from more challenging hard news assignments. And the biggest speculative story is which Democrat will emerge from the pack to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020. On the list are three Californians --- U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. -- Take it from this native Californian, the chance of anyone from my home state winning the White House any time soon is zero. On the national stage, Harris, Garcetti and Newsom can't hide from their endless sanctuary city advocacy, and their indefensible spending on legislation that provides billions in entitlements to illegal immigrants while the state's infrastructure crumbles.......

May 26, 2017

David Olen Cross -- Salem         
Oregon Department of Corrections: Foreign National Homicide Report -- April 2017 
Information obtained from the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) indicated that on April 1, 2017 that 137 of the 962 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) in the state's prison system were incarcerated for homicidal crimes (various degrees of murder and manslaughter), 14.24 percent of the criminal alien prison population. -- Using DOC U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immigration detainer numbers, the following table reveals the total number criminal alien inmates along with the number and percentage of those alien inmates incarcerated on April 1st in the state's prisons for homicidal crimes.......

New Mexico "advocates" to join Texas immigration law protest 
Dozens of immigrant advocates from New Mexico are heading to Texas to protest that state's new law allowing police officers to ask about a person's immigration status. -- The advocates from the New Mexico Dream Team will join immigrant activists in Texas on Monday for a demonstration against the law at the Texas Capitol Building. -- The Texas law also requires police chiefs and sheriffs - under the threat of jail and removal from office - to comply with federal requests to hold criminal suspects in jail for possible deportation.......

Mark Krikorian -- National Review         
Will No One Rid Me of These Turbulent Immigration Restrictionists? 
In the under-appreciated film “Bowfinger” one of Eddie Murphy's characters is a paranoid movie-star nitwit who meticulously combs through a proposed script to count the number of times the letter K is used: Kit: The letter K appears in this script 1,456 times. That's perfectly divisible by 3. Freddy: So what? So what you saying? Kit: What am I saying? KKK appears in this script 486 times! -- This was my first thought when I read the Southern Poverty Law Center's latest screed attacking my organization, the Center for Immigration Studies.......

Trump Immigration Plan Will ‘Make Life As Miserable As Possible', Says Soros Group 
President Donald Trump's plan for a merit-based immigration system has billionaire George Soros' Open Society Foundation in hysterics. -- During an interview with the New York Times, former Obama White House immigration official and current strategic advisor for Soros' Open Society Foundation Angela Maria Kelley said the immigration plan would “make life as miserable as possible.”......

Alex Landi -- Record Searchlight       
Immigration fine up to a point 
One of the most important issues this nation faces in these contentious political times is immigration. The question is whether our current policies and practices are, in general, beneficial or detrimental to the country and its future. That depends. -- Immigration is not sacred, even in this country. Life is full of examples of things that are fine --- up to a point. -- Something that is positive, if taken too far, can quickly become a negative..... Note: Alex Landi was one of the activists Glenn Spencer worked with in California before he left for Arizona.

Glenn Spencer     
Don't Buy XPlane 11
I have been using the flight simulator X Plane for years. I have had trouble with it, so I paid to upgrade to X Plane 11. I have been struggling to use it for more than a week. I give up. This thing is has been made so complex that it is totally impossible to use. For example, I am trying to fly a Cessna 172 and can't figure out how to release the parking brake. Online forums are complaining. One says you have to set the 'v' on the keyboard to toggle brake maximum --- no joy. I have programmed buttons on the throttle quadrant to activate every brske function and nothing works. Also, the menu bar won't allow me so use the pull-down function. Piece of junk!

Washington Examiner        
John Kelly counters Obama 'wall' comments: 'We're not hiding behind a wall' 
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly pushed back on former President Barack Obama's shot at President Trump's border wall, and defended the plan to protect the U.S. border with Mexico. -- "We're not hiding behind a wall," Kelly said in an interview on "Fox and Friends" on Friday morning. "We're constructing a physical barrier backed up by technology and of course the great men and women of the Customs and Border Protection to simply safeguard our southern border. -- "We're not hiding behind a wall, and you can't defend anything by hiding behind something," he continued.......

Couple's Vehicle Impounded in Mexico for Expired Tags 
An expired Texas license tag in Mexico could be costly to travelers. One man's vehicle was impounded for that reason. -- San Antonio native Mario Rocha was en route to a doctor's appointment in Mexico with his wife. He said Mexican border officials impounded his vehicle. -- “They took my keys. They started searching my vehicle and they're like, ‘We're going to confiscate the vehicle because we're just following the protocol,'” he said.......

More illegals arraigned in federal court in Bay City 
Stemming from two incidents in as many Michigan counties, two Mexican men have been federally charged in Bay City with illegally entering the United States. It's a crime both men have committed in the past. -- Aaron Diaz-Leal, 32, and Raul Resendez-Ledezma, 42, appeared before U.S. District Magistrate Judge Patricia T. Morris on Tuesday, May 23, for arraignment on one count of illegal reentry of a previously removed alien. The charge is punishable by up to two years' incarceration. -- Their cases mark the fourth and fifth times someone has been arraigned on that charge in the federal courthouse in downtown Bay City since Jan. 1. Of those five cases, the earliest was filed May 4.......

CBS Philly          
Federal Agents Net Dozens Of Illegals In 10-Day Operation 
Immigration officials conducted a 10-day roundup operation this month, netting over 150 people in the tri-state area. -- Immigration Custom Enforcement agents say the target was any illegal alien who is a threat to public safety, like registered sex offenders, gang members, convicted criminals, and those who have ignored deportation and immigration laws. -- 141 people in Pennsylvania were taken into Federal custody, 16 of which were arrested in Philadelphia.......

ICE operation nets illegals in Santa Barbara, Ventura counties 
Santa Barbara -- Strategically planning out their enforcement, this video from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement shows officers in L.A. as they are about to make an arrest. -- This was a part of ice's five day operation, focusing on at-large criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, and immigration fugitives. In total, crews arrested nearly 200 people living in six Southern California counties. -- Nine of those people were found right here in Santa Maria. Some residents we spoke with say they're happy to see these people off the streets. -- "I think that if they're causing problems they should be arrested and either sent back to Mexico or put in jail here," says Phyllis Jewett. ......

Fox News        
Obama Takes Shot at Trump During Berlin Visit: 'We Can't Hide Behind a Wall'  
Former President Barack Obama on Thursday took a thinly-veiled shot at his successor for wanting to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. -- “We have to recognize that everything that happens on the other side of the world affects us as well," he said in Berlin during a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "If there's conflict, if there's bad governance, if there's war, if there's poverty, in this new world that we live in we can't isolate ourselves. We can't hide behind a wall." -- Obama emphasized the importance of giving humanitarian aid and taking in refugees and immigrants in need.......

Mexican couple attempts to smuggle 113 pounds of cocaine across Pharr bridge 
Two Mexican nationals attempted to smuggle 113 pounds of cocaine across the Pharr International Bridge on Saturday, according to a news release. -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers referred a 2008 Dodge Durango, containing a 35-year-old female Mexican citizen, and a 33-year-old man from Reynosa, Mexico, to a second inspection. -- Upon inspection of the vehicle, and with the assistance of a canine team, CBP officers discovered 44 packages of cocaine totaling 113 pounds, according to the news release.......

Illegal alien arrested for molestation 
Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's deputies arrested an Iowa man Thursday and booked him with child sex charges. -- Alejandro Maldonado Salazar, 41, was booked with indecent behavior with a juvenile. -- He's accused of molesting an 11-year-old child on several occasions at a home in Iowa. -- Detectives also learned that Salazar allegedly entered the United States illegally, and so an immigration hold also was placed on him. ......

Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley bigwigs in calling for government to give everybody free money 
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called on the need to consider universal basic income for Americans during his Harvard Commencement Speech. -- Zuckerberg's comments reflect those of other Silicon Valley bigwigs, including Sam Altman, the president of venture capital firm Y Combinator. -- "Every generation expands its definition of equality. Now it's time for our generation to define a new social contract," Zuckerberg said during his speech. ......

Fox News         
Drug smuggling on the rise along the border as human smuggling drops 
Like any large corporation that responds to a sagging line of revenue, the Mexican cartels who control the border have replaced a decline in human smuggling with an increase in drug smuggling. -- "They need to make their profits somewhere," says Border Patrol Agent Marlene Castro, overlooking the Rio Grande in South Texas. "They were making so much money from human trafficking. Now that's at a near all-time low, so they're trying to make money on narcotics.... marijuana, meth and cocaine."......

Border Patrol Agent Died after Being Stabbed by Cartel Member, Says DHS Secretary Kelly 
A Tweet quotes Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly saying a Border Patrol agent died last night after being stabbed in the face by a cartel member. -- Huffington Post politics and immigration reporter Elise Foley Tweeted on Thursday, “DHS Secretary John Kelly says a CBP officer died last night after being stabbed in the face by a cartel member.”......

14 illegals arrested in bed of dump truck 
Salton Sea -- Border Patrol agents with the Indio Station arrested 14 undocumented immigrants hiding in the bed of a dump truck Thursday morning at the Highway 86 checkpoint. -- Agents said the incident occurred at about 4:40 a.m. when a white 1997 Ford dump truck approached the checkpoint. Agents questioned the 36-year-old driver about his immigration status and asked to inspect the truck. The driver consented and was sent to secondary inspection. ......

Union Tribune        
Border Patrol agents said Tijuana sewage problem worse now than in previous decades 
U.S. Border Patrol agents chasing people who crossed illegally into the United States through the Tijuana River Valley often get covered in toxic mud and must wade through hazardous wastewater. -- That's according to union officials representing the agents, who said respiratory problems, rashes and nausea have become an increasingly routine part of patrolling the border with Mexico. -- The issue of pollution flowing down the Tijuana River, especially amid rainy conditions, is well-documented. It includes a series of massive sewer spills during this past winter — an abundantly wet season — that fouled beaches as far north as Coronado.......

Zuckerberg's FWD.us Launching Arizona Coalition To Push Amnesty 
When Senate Bill 1070 became law in Arizona in 2010, the controversy that came after was felt across the state. -- As Arizona was boycotted across the country --- and the Mexican government condemned the bill --- Arizona businesses felt the repercussions of what was seen by many as an anti-immigrant law that encouraged racial profiling. -- Today, the debate over immigration surrounds the proposed building of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border --- and its effect on the business world is still at the center of the conversation. -- FWD.us is an organization started in 2013 by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, as well as other leaders in the tech community. It aims to keep the business community involved in the discussion over immigration reform.......


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