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Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- September 2, 2015   
"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." -- Peter Drucker
    Americans have been promised a secure border for decades. Some say it is secure enough, others say it is not.
    In Fiscal Year 2014 the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 479,371 people trying to cross our southern border illegally.
    If we caught one in three in FY 2014, 1,452.629 people crossed the border illegally, and 973,268 made it passed the Border Patrol.
    Is a border that is crossed illegally by nearly one million people is secure?
Trump on Border: We'll Call It "The Great Wall Of Trump"
DONALD TRUMP: You know, interestingly, the wall on southern border, it's --- really, if you think it's 1,000 miles but it's 2,000 miles, but a lot of it --- some of it's done --- it's done poorly by the way, what they have done is very poor, very poor work, a very poor job, and very --- not much of a wall. But you also have natural terrain which is automatically a barrier, which is a good thing. So you're talking about 1,000.
    Donald Trump says he would build a 1,000-mile wall on the 2,000-mile border because “some of it's done.”
    According to Wikipedia: "As of August 29, 2008, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had built 190 miles (310 km) of pedestrian border fence and 154.3 miles (248.3 km) of vehicle border fence, for a total of 344.3 miles (554.1 km) of fence.
    As shown in a survey by American Border Patrol, most of the pedestrian border fence consists of single-layered mesh-type construction.
    When done properly such as in San Diego and Yuma fencing has cut apprehensions by more than 90%. The problem is - very little of the existing fence can do the job.
    The border between El Paso and San Diego runs about 700 miles, of which there are about 30 miles of double-layered fence as specified in the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
    How much of the remaining 670 miles would Mr. Trump proposes for effective fencing? And, what is “effective”?
    Then there is Texas --- it has 1,254 miles of border with Mexico, but only about 120 of fencing has been installed (much of it useless). Unlike the rest of that border, most of the Texas border land is private --- and then there is the Rio Grande River. (There is a way to use the Rio Grande levee system to solve this problem.)
    How is Mr. Trump going to decide where to build his 1,000 - mile wall? Clearly many areas will be left with no wall at all.
    I would suggest that Mr. Trump apply a lesson from management guru Peter Drucker who said, “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.”
    Mr. Trump, or anyone else who promises border security to get votes, should be honest with the American people. Specific goals should be set and a border accounting system installed to measure success. How those goals are achieved --- by walls, moats filled with alligators --- or modern drones --- should be based on sound economics, the environment and morality. Mr. Trump says much of the existing fence was done “poorly.” He needs to define what good is.

September 2, 2015

A Survey       
Immigration Letters From Around the Country  
Jeb Bush (presidential candidate...Ha!) said Americans need to work longer hours to jump start the economy. What a joke. Statistics show Americans work an average of 47 hours a week. When they can find a job. -- There aren't jobs for Americans because all the illegal immigrants have them. They send their money back home to wives and families in their home country. They don't pay taxes here so they aren't boosting our economy, but their money boosts their homelands. They don't spend their pay here because they get everything free........

Garth Kant -- WND.com     
Trump speaks for America: Deport illegals! 
Who is in the mainstream on immigration: Donald Trump or the political elite of the Democratic and Republican Parties? -- The polling evidence indicates it's Trump. -- In fact, the enduring popularity of the Republican front-runner may be no mystery at all, given a recent Rasmussen poll that shows an overwhelming 60 percent of likely American voters support deportation of illegal immigrants......

Illegal Immigration Is 'Like A Disease,' Rick Perry Tells Fox News 
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, running for president, told Fox News on Tuesday that illegal immigration is “like a disease.” “We've got to secure the border,” Perry said in a heated interview. “The American people want to see the border secure. It's like a disease. If you've got a disease, you get to the absolute core of what it is. You stop the illegal immigration that's coming into America and a lot of these other issues go away.” Perry has said U.S.-Mexico border security is a priority and that he has the most experience of all Republican presidential candidates in tackling the matter. .....

September 1, 2015

Rush Limbaugh     
¡Jeb! Stands by Illegal Immigration as an "Act of Love" 
Trump ran an ad that many are saying is "vicious" against Jeb Bush. Now, the ad is a TV ad, and we can't show you the pictures because this is radio. So what I'm gonna do is, we're gonna link to it at RushLimbaugh.com, if you want to see it on YouTube. But I'm gonna describe this to you. As you hear the sentence that that Bush reads in this ad, you will see mug shots of illegals who... (laughing) It isn't funny. You will see mug shots of illegals who have committed violent crimes pop up on the screen. .....

Donald Trump: Candidate for Our Age 
Who's next on Donald's hit list? Everyone wants to know. Donald Trump is like the old EF Hutton commercial- when he speaks, everyone listens. Brilliant. -- I wrote the book on “Celebrity Branding.” It's called “The Power of RELENTLESS.” The only presidential candidate who understands the importance of celebrity branding to politics is Donald Trump. He is in a word- RELENTLESS. He relentlessly brands himself 24/7......

¡Jeb! Attacks Trump --- En Español 
After releasing a new ad attacking Donald Trump's past liberal views, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush continues to criticize Donald Trump --- now in Spanish. -- “He attacks me every day. He attacks me every day with barbarities,” Bush pointed out in Spanish, accusing Trump of not being a true conservative. .....

Jorge Ramos Uses Wall but Wants Open Borders for the Rest of Us 
America got a first-hand look at how Mr. Trump's deportation plan would be administered when Univision's Jorge Ramos unwittingly volunteered to demonstrate the process at an Iowa press conference. -- After refusing to wait his turn in line to ask questions of the Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Trump “deported” Mr. Ramos from the press conference, then proceeded to bring him back in after he agreed to wait his turn --- making Trump's comprehensive immigration reform plan look quite feasible......

Daily Caller        
Illegal Immigration Activist Who Touts Tax-Paying Illegals Had $42K IRS Lien 
The nation's most prominent and outspoken undocumented immigrants recently paid more than $48,000 to the IRS to settle an unpaid 2010 tax bill, despite his past claims that he's long paid his taxes despite his immigration status. -- Jose Antonio Vargas, 34, has touted his record of paying taxes since his teens to make the point that while undocumented immigrants are not allowed to work legally in the U.S., they pay federal income taxes and into Social Security......

Don Polson -- Red Bluff Daily        
Immigrants undermine Labor Day cheer 
With the approach of the Labor Day bookend of summer, this series of columns on the economy, employment and immigration (all written in early July to avoid Internet dead zones while traveling) will include more specifics on 1) immigration's impact on wages, 2) the boon to Democrats through illegal immigration, and 3) the diminished state of economic freedom in America......

Fox News Latino        
Pope expected to champion cause of "immigrants" during U.S. visit 
The push for comprehensive immigration reform may get a boost from divine intervention. -- Pope Francis is scheduled to meet with Latinos and immigrants, formally and informally, during his visit to Washington D.C., New York City and Philadelphia in September and immigration will be the topic of a speech he will give outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia......

TV Newsroom         
Family of Kate Steinle plans to file claim against San Francisco Sheriff 
The family of Kate Steinle plans to file a claim Tuesday against San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, the Bureau of Land Management and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold the them accountable for the woman's death in July on Pier 14. -- Police said the man who shot and killed Steinle was in the country illegally at the time......

Washington Times   
AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka calls Donald Trump 'racist' 
AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka on Tuesday blasted GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump for pushing an immigration agenda that he called “un-American” and “racist.” -- “What Donald Trump started with immigration is disgusting,” Mr. Trumka told reporters at a breakfast meeting in Washington hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “It's un-American and I think it's racist.”.....

Newsmachete -- American Thinker        
Liberal media having trouble finding 'Hispanics' to hate Trump 
Please have a little sympathy for the liberal media. They are having trouble writing about the issue of illegal immigration. If they interview Americans, most of them will be against it. They can interview illegal aliens, especially children who sound like they have words put in their mouths, but that kind of propaganda goes only so far. They need to show that Trump is not just against illegals, but against all immigrants, and not just against all immigrants, but against all "Hispanics.".....

Thomas Lifson -- American Thinker       
Poll reveals huge majority support mandatory deporting of illegals 
The headline from Investor’s Business Daily on their own poll uses the word “shock” --- “Shock Poll: 59% Back Trump On Deportation of Illegals.” But as Jared Peterson wrote on these pages yesterday, for the last two years, Rasmussen polling has demonstrated a huge gap between the overwhelming majority of Americans and the political establishment of the GOP on immigration policy. The IBD polling, which mentions mandatory deportation, reinforces this stunning disconnect between politicians and the people they supposedly serve, a chasm that Donald Trump has spotted and used to his huge advantage... [Related: New poll shows high support among voters for immigration enforcement]

August 31, 2015

Los Angeles Times        
244 illegals arrested in four-day sweep across Southern California 
More than 240 people were taken into federal custody last week across Southern California after a four-day sweep for immigrants with criminal records in the country illegally, authorities announced Monday. -- The enforcement action ended Thursday with 244 foreign nationals in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement --- the majority of them with at least one felony conviction on their record, authorities said......

Daily Caller         
Bernie Sanders Wants To Give 'Legal Status' To All Illegals 
Bernie Sanders believes that the U.S. should “give legal status to undocumented people in this country as soon as possible.” -- Sanders, appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Monday, said that comprehensive immigration reform should include a “path to citizenship” for the illegal immigrants in the U.S. .....

Sheriffs: DHS Must Expand Categories of Criminal Aliens Eligible for Deportation 
The Obama administration's new “Priority Enforcement Program” will result in the release of thousands of criminal aliens back onto American streets, according to National Sheriffs' Association executive director Jonathan Thompson and Jackson County, Texas Sheriff A.J. Louderback......

Terence Jeffrey -- Patriot Post         
Our Politicians Are Broken, Not Our Immigration System 
“Today, our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it,” President Barack Obama declared in a speech last November. -- “Our nation's immigration system is broken, and I think we need to work together to fix it,” House Speaker John Boehner said the same month. -- They are wrong. Some laws that regulate legal immigration may need adjustment. But our immigration system is not broken. The politicians charged with enforcing it are......

Newt Gingrich: Trump is Electable; Won't Hurt GOP 
Former GOP powerhouse Newt Gingrich says Donald Trump is capable of winning not only the Republican presidential nomination, but also the general election to become the nation's 45th president. -- Gingrich, a former House Speaker and onetime presidential candidate, was asked on ABC News' "This Week" program, if the billionaire developer could beat the other Republican presidential candidates to become the nominee......

Chris Christie wants to track "immigrants" like FedEx packages 
Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Saturday that if he's elected president he will implement an immigrant tracking system modeled after the way FedEx tracks its packages, and he wants FedEx CEO Fred Smith to design it, Reuters reports......

Washington Examiner        
Is Ted Cruz shifting right on immigration to match Donald Trump? 
Ted Cruz has always coupled his no-amnesty, secure-the-border immigration policy with enthusiastic support for streamlining and encouraging legal immigration. That might be changing. -- The Texas senator and leading Republican presidential candidate said in interviews this week that there was a lot to like about Donald Trump's immigration policy proposals......

Washington Times       
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal warns of immigrant 'invasion' 
GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal said Sunday that immigrants who do not adopt American values represent an “invasion.” -- “Immigration without integration is not immigration; it's invasion,” the Louisiana governor said on ABC's “This Week,” as he stressed the need for immigrants to learn English and fully integrate into American society......

BizPac Review        
Social media erupts as 'left-wing racist' Jorge Ramos calls Kate's Law 'unfair' to illegals
Social media users are furious that Jorge Ramos, the illegal immigration activist who masquerades as a journalist, came out against a law named in honor of a woman killed by an illegal alien who'd been deported from the country five times --- and returned every time. -- Speaking to CNN's Brian Stelter in an interview to air Sunday on “Reliable Sources,” the Univision anchor declared Kate's Law, which dictates that a deported illegal alien caught sneaking back in the country, would receive a mandatory five-year prison sentence, is unfair......

August 30, 2015

Spanish-Language Journalists Call Donald Trump 'Hitler,' 'Monkey' 
As the Trump campaign rolls onward, Spanish-language media in the U.S. are turning increasingly hostile with the real estate mogul, calling him everything from Hitler to a monkey. -- Tempers flared at a recent Trump press conference when activist Univision TV personality Jorge Ramos leapt to his feet to interrupt the questions from other reporters and threw out a series of rapid fire statements, not questions......

Ambassador Says Pope Francis Will Urge U.S. to 'Open Doors' for "Immigrants" 
The U.S. ambassador to the Vatican said that during Pope Francis' visit to the United States next month, he expects the Pope will urge the U.S. to embrace its history of welcoming immigrants. -- Ambassador Kenneth Hackett said the Pope's immigration message will be important as lead GOP presidential contender Donald Trump has called for a border fence between Mexico and the United States and the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants, the Associated Press reports......

Allan Wall -- VDare.com        
Jorge Ramos Paints a Horrible Picture of "Trumpland" (What The Rest Of Us Call "America") 
Jorge Ramos is a Mexican Agenda Journalist who took American citizenship to aid his agitation for open borders, and who looks with horror on what could result from a Trump triumph. --- Ramos shares his feelings with readers in his opinion piece Welcome to Trumpland [Fusion, August 26, 2015]. Frankly, the way Ramos describes Trumpland makes it sound much preferable to today's Open Borders Land......

The Hill        
Trump: I'm winning because Americans are 'tired of being the patsies' 
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he is leading the GOP race because he represents Americans who have had it with their nation coming up short. -- “People in this country are smart,” he told listeners at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies' 2015 conference in Nashville on Saturday......

August 29, 2015

Boston Herald        
Trump vows at Boch bash: Illegals are 'going to be gone' 
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump doubled down on his hardline stance on immigration tonight at a campaign event at car czar Ernie Boch Jr.'s sprawling Norwood mansion. -- “You know a lot of the gangs in St. Louis and Ferguson, a lot of the gangs in Chicago, the toughest and the meanest, the worst dudes ... they're illegal immigrants,” Trump said to a loud round of applause. “And I tell you one thing, if I get in, they're going to be gone so fast out of this country... They're going to be gone.”.....

Will federal judge actually punish lawless Obama? 
A federal judge in Texas who previously scolded the Obama administration for hiding its breach of his order to halt the president's de facto amnesty program for illegal aliens is considering punishment. -- At a hearing Wednesday, Judge Andrew Hanen gave both sides in the case until Sept. 4 to “suggest what punishment he should impose on the Obama administration if he decides he was intentionally misled,” Bloomberg reported.....

A Survey       
Immigration Letters From Around the Country  
Lately there is much talk about illegal immigration and how to fix it. Donald Trump says the 14th Amendment has been misinterpreted. -- Is he correct? Yes, he is. -- The whole issue revolves around six words "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof," which were inserted at the insistence of Sen. Jacob M. Howard, the main architect of the amendment. ......

August 28, 2015

Clinton Claims GOP wants to 'Deport Illegals in Boxcars' 
A day after Hillary Clinton compared GOP candidates to terrorists, she has suggested an opponent's plan to deport illegal immigrants is reminiscent of the Nazis. -- At a press conference Friday in Minneapolis, Hillary was asked how she planned on dealing with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. “I'm glad you asked me that,” Hillary replied. Without offering any plan of her own, she immediately attacked a GOP rival's plan to deport illegal immigrants......

National Journal: Donald Trump Makes Jeb Bush Seem Like a Wimp 
Donald Trump has gotten a boost in his efforts to maul Jeb Bush in recent days from an unexpected source: Jeb Bush himself. -- Trump's attack on Jeb isn't mainly about issues. As with most things Trump, it's mostly about persona. The Donald thinks Jeb is a dud. “He's a man that doesn't want to be doing what he's doing,” Trump said in June. “I call him the reluctant warrior, and warrior's probably not a good word. I think Bush is an unhappy person. I don't think he has any energy.”.....

We Get E-Mail        
Trump Thanks Spencer 
Early this morning Glenn Spencer got this email from Donald Trump's campaign manager. Glenn says as head of a non-profit 501 c (3) he cannot endorse a candidate, but he encourages all to come to the American Border Patrol ranch for an education......

Trump: Bush will learn at border that illegal immigration is 'not an act of love' 
Republican front-runner Donald Trump hopes that fellow GOP candidate Jeb Bush will come to view illegal immigration as more than an "act of love" during his trip to the Southern border. -- Bush is slated to host a fundraising luncheon and meet with border security personnel in McAllen, Texas, on Monday before touring the U.S.-Mexico border. Last April, the former Florida governor spurred controversy after describing the decision by many immigrants to enter the U.S. unlawfully as an "act of love.".....

Washington Free Beacon    
DHS Kept Secret the Release Of Violent Criminal Illegals 
Obama administration officials only began notifying local law enforcement officials of the release of violent criminal illegal immigrants within the last two weeks, according to Arizona law enforcement officials, who say they have for years been kept in the dark about the release of illegal immigrants back into local towns. -- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had been keeping secret its release of illegal immigrants with violent criminal records from local law enforcement for at least two years, denying for a time that this was taking place, law enforcement officials disclosed to the Washington Free Beacon......

News Busters       
NYT Mag Pushes 'Undocumented' Label for Illegals to Make Quest for Legal Status 'Far MoreTenable' 
The New York Times' liberal bias is on display most vividly on the immigration issue. The first story in the August 23 edition of the Sunday magazine, by staff writer Emily Bazelon, "The Unwelcome Return of 'Illegals,'" scolds conservative presidential candidates for labeling illegal immigrants "illegals," while aligning the paper's own labeling philosophy with left-wing amnesty activists like National Council of La Raza (Bazelon calls them a "Hispanic civil-rights group") that favor the softer term "undocumented." Bazelon also fretted about the government's official use of the term "wetback" in the 1950s, without noting the Times also threw it around in news accounts favoring mass deportation.....

Court Rules Illegal Aliens Have Second Amendment Rights  
A recent decision by the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals that says illegal aliens --- what the left likes to call “undocumented immigrants” --- enjoy a Second Amendment right to bear arms, even if their presence in this nation is criminal -- In the case of a Milwaukee man deported over a single .22 caliber cartridge, a federal appeals court ruled last week that even unlawful immigrants can be part of “the public” that enjoys a Second Amendment right to keep a gun for self defense......

Ramesh Ponnuru -- Bloomberg   
Why Donald Trump's immigration proposals are resonating 
Reactions to Donald Trump's immigration plan have been predictably polarized, with people either thinking it will make America great again or considering it an invitation to a pogrom. -- Taken seriously and stripped of excesses, though, it points the way toward a sensible compromise on immigration policy. -- Taking it seriously isn't always easy, since Trump doesn't seem to take it all that seriously himself. The plan on his campaign website suggests he'd stanch the flow of immigrants coming to work at American technology companies; on Twitter, by contrast, Trump said he wants talented foreigners to come work in Silicon Valley and become citizens......

Real Clear Politics Video        
Trump on Illegal Immigrants: "We're Going To Get Them The Hell Out Of Our Country"
In an interview with FOX News' Bill O'Reilly on Monday night, presidential candidate Donald Trump promised illegal immigrants will be out of the country on day one of his presidency. -- "We are going to get them the hell out of our country," Trump said. "They shouldn't be here in the first place. They will be out so fast your head will spin.".....

Jorge Ramos Is A Ridiculous Activist 
Jorge Ramos is a pretty ridiculous person. -- The mainstream media is circling the wagons right now, defending Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos for heckling Republican presidential contender Donald Trump at an Iowa press conference Tuesday night. Calling him the Spanish-language Walter Cronkite, the destination press is doing everything in its power to present Ramos as having the upper hand in the illegal immigration debate. Politico declared “Trump Meets His M.....

GOP Leadership Has No Plans to Discuss Immigration with Voters 
Republican legislators have gotten their messaging instructions from their top leaders: Tout unpopular free-trade measures during the August recess, ignore popular curbs on the migration that saps Americans' wages. -- Breitbart News has exclusively obtained an internal August recess messaging instruction set for Republican legislators produced by Sen. John Thune (R-SD), who orchestrates the GOP Senators' PR pitch. This 20-page messaging instruction manual seems to confirm prior reports by Breitbart News that Republican Congressional leadership has no plans to enact popular immigration reforms to curb large-scale migration......

August 27, 2015

Glenn Spencer      
Bush's "BorderGate"?
Speaking to a crowd at a Florida rally, Jeb Bush said that Donald Trumps plans for a border wall are ‘not practical'. “You can't build a wall and solve this problem in our part of the country. The terrain is too rugged, you'd have to keep American citizens on the other side of the wall, and you couldn't access the river, which is part of the economic driver of the community, it is an agricultural community, they need to have access to the water. And it's not a feasible to build a wall, but it is a simple solution.” -- Is Jeb Bush aware that fencing was installed atop levees near McAllen, but that gates that were designed to give people access to the river were never installed by Barack Obama? -- If he isn't aware of the real situation on the border, Donald Trump can correct him. If he knows the true situation and won't tell the people, then we have a cover-up: Bush's BorderGate.

The Blaze         
Police Searching for Illegal Alien Who Allegedly Raped Teen With Down Syndrome
Texas police are searching for an illegal immigrant accused of raping a disabled teenager. -- The Brazoria County Sheriff's Department said 25-year-old Jesus Atrian broke into a family's home Monday afternoon and sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl with Down syndrome. According to KHOU-TV, the victim and her family apparently knew Atrian, who already had a warrant out for his arrest at the time of the incident......

RINO ¡Jeb! says Trump Immigration Plan 'Unrealistic,' 'Will Violate Civil Liberties,' 'Not Conservative' 
Mnday in Texas at the U.S.–Mexico border, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush criticized front-runner Donald Trump's “unrealistic” immigration plan. -- Bush said, “The proposal made by another candidate of building a fence based on the common sense practices that are being applied here doesn't work. You have to have a deeper strategy than just building a fence.”.....

American Border Patrol        
Fighting like a Trump woman?  
A female friend in Colorado loves this graphic. ....

¡Jeb! Sides With Ramos: Says Amnesty Activist Anchor Deserved 'More Respect' from The Donald 
After one of those town hall events where Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush tries to prove he's not a “low energy person” by acting like a desperate camp counselor trying to excite a bunch of kids who are smarter than him, Bush told reporters that grandstanding, leftwing Univision anchor Jorge Ramos should have been “treated with a little more respect” by Donald Trump......

¡Jeb!: Border Residents Say Wall 'Would Tear Apart Their Community' 
Republican Presidential Candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told a group at a Florida rally about his Texas border trip and explained why a border wall wouldn't be practical or conservative. Bush returned to the friendly turf of the Sunshine State on Wednesday, with a town hall style meeting in Pensacola......

Jim Kouri -- News with Views       
New Poll Reveals Voters Agree with Trump 
An estimated crowd of 20,000 people on Friday night in Mobile, Alabama, poured into Ladd Peebles Stadium to see and hear the latest political phenomenon, the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, explain why its time for a real change -- the election of a successful businessman as the President of the United States. And many of those attending wanted to hear his message --- and his plan -- -to get the U.S. borders under control and kick out criminal aliens who are currently allowed to walk the streets of so-called Sanctuary Cities.....

Immigration, Migration, and the Death of Democracy 
Can there be a more perfect illustration of this country's corrupt “immigration” debate than a political activist disguised as a “reporter,” jumping up in the midst of a politician's speech to heckle him and deliver a manifesto? -- Few politicians have been handed a gift like the one Jorge Ramos of Univision gave Donald Trump......

Newsmachete -- American Thinker        
Has Jeb Bush parodied himself to the point of irrelevance? 
Jeb Bush seems to have a self-destructive impulse. No, not the same self-destructive mechanism that causes Scott Walker to announce contradictory policy positions with the speed of a tennis ball machine, but rather the urge to express sentiments that seems to show him to be more sympathetic to illegal aliens than he is to American citizens......

Jorge Ramos: My "right" to talk over other reporters and ask Trump grandstanding questions was trampled 
Is that headline not a fair characterization of what he's saying here? In what sense was his “right” to question Trump at that moment any greater than any other reporter's? He says at one point in passing in the clip below, “I thought it was my turn,” but that's obviously not true. Go watch the video from last night if you haven't seen it already. Ramos starts speaking as Trump is stepping to the mic, before Trump can so much as look at him. Trump calls on another reporter and Ramos just keeps going.....

August 26, 2015

Illegal Alien Arrested for Child Rape in North Carolina 
In a story that made only the tiniest blip on the media's radar, police arrested 24-year-old Jose Andres-Jose for rape, aggravated indecent assault of a child, statutory sexual assault, and many other charges on August 14 near Raleigh, North Carolina. -- Andres-Jose, an illegal alien from Guatemala, allegedly raped a child in Pennsylvania on July 18. PennLive reports he fled to North Carolina and used the alias “Luis Rodriguez.” .....

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Donald Trump Should Go to Mexico with Me 
Phoenix -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio --- known here simply as “Sheriff Joe” --- loves 2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and wants to accompany him on a trip to Mexico that would, in his estimation, either lead to a show of U.S. force in getting that country to come to the table on immigration and trade or expose that Mexico is uninterested in solving such problems......

Fox News Host Dana Perino Rips Donald Trump's Immigration Plan [Video] 
In another anti-Donald Trump rant, Dana Perino, the co-host of the high-rated The Five panel show on the Fox News Channel, slammed the GOP presidential front-runner's immigration plan as “totally unworkable, and impractical, and it will never happen.” -- She declared that Trump was “selling people a bill of goods to make them feel better” because outsourced jobs aren't coming back to America, and Mexicans won't build the wall. Parenthetically, Trump's plan calls for Mexico to pay for the wall at the southern border. -- Back in June, Perino had an uncharacteristic meltdown about Trump when she accused co-host Eric Bolling of defending the billionaire businessman and ex-reality TV show star's candidacy merely because Bolling was angling to get on The Celebrity Apprentice.....

Fellowship of the Minds      
Is Ted Cruz an advocate of a North American Union? 
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) met his wife, Heidi (née Nelson), while working on the George W. Bush presidential campaign of 2000. Heidi Cruz is currently head of the Southwest Region in the Investment Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. and previously worked in the White House for Condoleezza Rice and in New York as an investment banker for J.P. Morgan. Wikipedia lists Heidi Cruz as an “investment banker” and a “historical member” of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). -- Heidi Cruz was a member of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, which was launched in October 2004. The Task Force advocates a greater economic and social integration between Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a North American region......

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.       
Is Megyn Kelly dumb or intellectually dishonest? 
Yesterday on her show Megyn Kelly made several points, which made me wonder: is she dumb or intellectually dishonest. -- Fist, she criticized Trump for kicking belligerent Jorge Ramos from his press conference and excluding foul Des Moines Register from his press conferences. Kelly compared Trump's actions to Obama's actions in attempting to exclude FOX from his presidential press conferences......

A Survey       
Immigration Letters From Around the Country  
Our country is now an open door to immigrants of illegal status or of no work skills valuable to our country's real progress. Smart immigration means we are building a strong country when foreigners choose our land to stay in. It is not an act of compassion overall, when you consider our country's needs first, to take in those who are wayward morally, very unable to be fruitful in a work capacity, or just have skills unemployed citizens already match........

Daily Caller         
Jorge Ramos Doesn't Think People Can Be Illegal [VIDEO] 
Jorge Ramos continues to insist that people who violate the law when crossing the border illegally cannot be illegal. -- Ramos, in an interview with CNN “New Day” host Chris Cuomo, was adamant that “no human being is illegal,” despite Cuomo pressing him on the issue......

D.C. McAllister -- The Federalist         
Don't Like 'Anchor Babies'? Try 'Products of Deception' 
The overlords of political correctness have struck again. Evidently, it's now a “hateful slur” to call the children of illegal immigrants “anchor babies,” a long-held designation to describe how automatic citizenship bestowed on the children of illegal immigrants becomes a powerful magnet for people entering and staying in the United States illegally......

Report: Fox Boss Vows to Save Country --- from Trump! 
When it comes to dealing with rogue states, Fox News has a firm editorial philosophy: You don't negotiate. Roger Ailes is learning that the same logic applies to a rogue candidate. Last night, Donald Trump took to Twitter and blew up the uneasy truce Ailes had brokered with him two weeks ago following Trump's attacks on Fox star Megyn Kelly after the first GOP debate. “I liked The Kelly File much better without ‪@megynkelly. Perhaps she could take another eleven day unscheduled vacation! ”Trump tweeted as Kelly began her broadcast. Moments later, Trump retweeted tasteless comments from his followers. “The bimbo is back in town,” one read. “She has come back looking like Nancy Grace,” said another......

Don Polson --  Red Bluff Daily News        
Immigrant job gains, native-born losses 
Another example of mainstream news (MSN) complicity with Democrats is their favorable treatment of Emperor Obama's unilateral, unconstitutional immigration executive actions (in case you forgot, he said 22 times that he couldn't just set aside immigration laws passed by Congress; he said he wasn't “an emperor”). I've cited the reluctance of the MSN, and even local news, to honestly inform Americans about the many crimes committed by illegal immigrants......

Ann Coulter joins Trump in epic smackdown
Conservative firebrand and bestselling author Ann Coulter joined Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Iowa Tuesday – and she delivered an epic smackdown of “speech Nazis” who ridiculed the GOP frontrunner for using the term “anchor baby.” -- “Apparently liberals think ‘anchor baby' isn't pleasant sounding,” she said in a speech introducing Trump at the event. “They prefer words like ‘aborted baby.'”.....

Ann Coulter Introduces Donald Trump at Iowa Speech, 2016 Presidential Campaign Rally 
Ann Coulter Rails Against ‘Speech Nazis' at Trump Rally https://youtu.be/Ks4ffMs9a1E Donald Trump Iowa FULL SPEECH, Dubuque Rally 8/25 - 2016 Presidential Campaign. Ann Coulter introduced Donald Trump at his rally in Iowa today, and she had a lot to say about their mutual favorite subject: immigration......

August 25, 2015

Breitbart  Video       
Jorge Ramos Escorted Out of Trump's Iowa Presser 
Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos was escorted out of a press conference held by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in Dubuque, Iowa on Tuesday. -- As Trump took the podium, Ramos stood up and asked Trump a question about immigration, and Trump's immigration plan. Trump, ignoring Ramos, called on someone else. Ramos continued trying to asking the question, to which Trump responded, “Excuse me, sit down. You weren't called.” Ramos continued, and Trump repeatedly told him, “Sit down.”.....

Huffington Post        
Ted Cruz Explains Why He Once Said It Was A 'Mistake' To Focus On Ending Birthright Citizenship 
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Friday defended his 2011 comments in which he said that it was a "mistake" for conservatives to focus on ending birthright citizenship guaranteed by the 14th Amendment for children of undocumented immigrants. Cruz's recent remarks came after he said on Wednesday that the United States should do just that. -- "In 2011, and today, I said we should end birthright citizenship because it doesn't make sense as a policy matter, to be incentivizing and encouraging illegal immigration," Cruz told The Huffington Post on Friday......

Univision's Ramos: Trump's ‘Blunt Talk' on Immigration Is 'Spreading Hate' 
Monday on CNN's broadcast of “AC360,” Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos went on the offensive against Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump for his rhetoric aimed at America's immigration woes. -- In an interview with fill-in host John Berman, Ramos dismissed Trump supporters who defend the real estate mogul as not spreading hate, but just offering blunt talk when it comes to the issue......

The Nuclear Option: Trump's Visionary Immigration Plan Most Substantive Policy Proposal of 2016 
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win." --- Mahatma Gandhi (or somebody) -- That giant sucking sound you hear right now is the entire political establishment reacting in shock to Donald Trump's deeply informed and comprehensive plan to address the rampant illegal immigration that has plagued America for more than a quarter century......

RINO Lindsey: Trump's immigration plan is 'stupid' and 'illegal' 
Lindsey Graham excoriated Republican presidential rival Donald Trump on Tuesday morning for his immigration plan, calling it both “stupid” and “illegal.” -- In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Graham addressed Trump's immigration proposal, which would call for the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, revoke birthright citizenship from the children of immigrants who came to the United States illegally and call for the construction of a wall along the United States' 1,900-mile long border with Mexico.....

David Paulin -- American Thinker        
Reconquista: Mexico fights for rights of 'anchor babies' 
Mexican cultural imperialists and their leftist allies have long dreamed of a Reconquista --- retaking America's Southwest on behalf of Mexico. They have sought for decades to use illegal immigration and birthright citizenship to remake a vast corner of America --- Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California --- in the image of Mexico. -- Now, a court battle is heating up in Texas that revolves around a Texas agency's refusal to grant birth certificates to illegal immigrants with children born in Texas......

Trump Reaching Blacks on Immigration 
It's easy to know when liberals are beginning to worry about a Republican's political message resonating with the people. If you are black they call you an “Uncle Tom” and if white a “Racist.” -- And so it is with Donald Trump and his message on illegal immigration. It --- and not-so subtle liberal elitist anti-south bigotry --- was on full display last week in media reports on his appearance before a campaign record crowd of 30,000 in Mobile, Alabama......

Report: Every Deported Illegal Household Saves Taxpayers More than $700,000 
Advocates for mass-migration are using skewed financial claims to smear Donald Trump's popular border proposals, which actually would help revive the near-bankrupt Social Security and Medicare programs. -- For every illegal migrant household that leaves the United States under Trump's plan, Americans would recoup nearly three-quarters of a million dollars ($719,350), according to 2010 data collected by Heritage scholar Robert Rector......

Washington Post      
How Donald Trump's name wound up on a plane flying over the Mexican border 
Years ago, an engineer named Glenn Spencer bought a little compound on the U.S.-Mexico border from an Arizona farmer who was tired of the drug cartels' shoot-outs spilling onto his land. It became the home base of American Border Patrol, a company that would develop radars, seismic sensors, and drones to police the border -- a job Americans weren't doing, to coin a phrase......

Kimberly Dvorak -- The Examiner       
Trump "anchors" his lead on immigration 
This week's catch phrase “anchor baby” is not new. In 2009 this reporter wrote about a ballot measure, the “California Taxpayer Protection Act,” that sought to eliminate birthright citizenship when both parents were illegally in the country. It failed to catch fire in the navy blue golden state, but its premise appears to be making a comeback in the 2016 election cycle. -- An exchange between presidential hopeful Donald Trump and ABC Good Morning America reporter Tom Llamas highlighted the media's interpretation of the term anchor baby. .....

August 24, 2015

Colin McNickle -- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review        
Wong does not make a birthright for illegal aliens 
The firestorm that has erupted anew over "birthright citizenship" exposes the manifest dangers of constitutional ignorance. Not Donald Trump's but that of his critics who have shown remarkable reading incomprehension regarding the Constitution and the Supreme Court case they so regularly cite in defense of their position......

Prosecutors: Boys taken from US custody, put to work at farm 
The thousand-mile journey to the Texas border was supposed to bring the Guatemalan teenagers to a better life. Instead, it was the beginning of a terrible ordeal: prosecutors say they were fraudulently plucked from U.S. custody by conspirators posing as friends or family who forced them to work as virtual slaves. -- As the country's immigration system was being overwhelmed by an unprecedented flow of unaccompanied children fleeing unrest in Central America, prosecutors said one of their countrymen orchestrated the scheme to force them to work on egg farms in Ohio......

Rewinding Donald Trump's comments as he speaks in Alabama 
Presidential hopeful Donald Trump spoke in Mobile Friday night, to an enthusiastic crowd in Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Updates from Trump's speech are below. -- "We are going to have a wild time in Alabama tonight! Finally, the silent majority is back!," Trump tweeted before the event......

Washington Examiner        
Censorship claim: Facebook bans reports on illegals taking jobs from Americans 
Facebook temporarily banned users from posting reports by an immigration watchdog analyzing federal statistics that show immigrants in general, and illegal immigrants specifically, are taking a big share of new jobs that come open in America, according to the group producing the reports. -- The giant website cited an "error" causing the ban and apologized......

BizPac Review        
Trump takes immigration fight to 'This Week,' and doesn't give Stephanopoulos an inch
If George Stephanopoulos thought he was going to bully Donald Trump he thought wrong -- The host of ABC's “This Week” and former Clinton White House senior adviser, tried to back the 2016 Republican presidential front-runner into a corner to give specifics as to how he would deport illegal aliens but Trump wasn't about to tip his hand.......

Thousands of migrants head closer to EU from Macedonia  
Thousands of beleaguered migrants --- mostly Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans fleeing bloody conflicts --- crammed into trains and buses in Macedonia that brought them one step closer to the European Union on Sunday, a day after they stormed past police trying to block them from entering the country from Greece......

August 23, 2015

Media Ignores Constitutional Experts Debunking Birthright Citizenship 
Myths about birthright citizenship --- promoted by liberals, embraced by establishment Republicans, and repeated by mainstream media pundits without critical examination --- have been debunked by experts spanning the political spectrum. But none of those people are being given A-list treatment by major media outlets to respond.....

Judge orders illegal alien families released from detention 
A federal judge in California has ordered the government to release immigrant children from family detention centers "without unnecessary delay," and with their mothers when possible, according to court papers. -- In a filing late Friday, California U.S. District JudgeDolly Gee refused the government's request to reconsider her ruling in late July that children held in family detention centers after crossing the US-Mexico border illegally must be released rapidly......

Washington Post     
Donald Trump's immigration comments don't seem to be hurting Republicans --- yet
Donald Trump — businessman, raconteur, fiery immigration hardliner --- has repeatedly insisted that he will win the Hispanic vote once granted the Republican nomination next year. His argument is usually two-fold: one, he'll bring jobs and, two, a poll showed him leading among Hispanics in Nevada. The Nevada poll has a Trump-Tower-sized margin of error. And the idea that Hispanic voters will flock to the candidate who would have us assume that immigrants from Mexico are more likely criminals than not seems iffy......


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