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Fox News -- December 20, 2014  
    Nearly 20 years after reporters and congressional investigators caught the Clinton administration trying to register a million immigrants as new citizens and Democratic voters -- many without proper documents -- some Republicans fear the Obama administration is instituting a similar policy.
    The November memorandum issued by the White House and Department of Homeland Security on immigration does more than give a reprieve to millions of illegal immigrants. It also makes a push for legal immigrants to become citizens. It allows legal immigrants in the U.S. to, for the first time, pay their $680 naturalization fee by credit card. And the plan offers to waive the cost, based on income, for families earning up to $47,000 for a family of four.
    In the past, the government prohibited such partial waivers. The plan, dubbed "New Americans," will also include a comprehensive media campaign in major media markets in 10 states.....

Community-organizer-in-chief in action
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report
    Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton used the Saul Alinsky-created Industrial Areas Foundation as part of “Citizenship USA” to create one million new voters.
    Democrats even used the Los Angeles Unified School District as a citizenship factory.
    Well, the IAF is still there -- well funded with our tax dollars and Catholic Church donations.
    Watch out America, the community-organizer-in-chief is about to show you what he can really do!

December 19, 2014

Jay Sekulow -- Fox News    
Immigration: Fight against Obama's lawlessness just beginning 
When it comes to confronting President Obama's lawless immigration actions, we've only just begun to fight. -- Earlier this month, I testified before the House Judiciary Committee, spelling out exactly how President Obama's immigration actions violated the Constitution. -- Public testimony plays a critical role in educating members of Congress and educating the public, but testimony alone can't stop President Obama. Stopping the president requires legal and legislative action...

Ryan Lovelace -- National Review     
Report: All Net Jobs Growth Since 2007 Has Gone to Immigrants 
All of the net gains in in jobs since 2007 have gone to immigrants --- both legal and illegal --- according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies, meaning that fewer native-born Americans are working today than were at the end of 2007. -- From November 2007 through November 2014, the number of employed native-born Americans has decreased more than 1.45 million, while the number of employed immigrants has risen by more than 2 million (as the immigrant population grew rapidly, too), according to data compiled by the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics......

Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel Now Dominates US Heroin Market 
Mexican drug cartels are no strangers to heroin smuggling, although they have historically lagged behind other countries and organizations in production and distribution. However, a recent investigation by the award-winning Dromomanos journalism collective revealed the powerful Sinaloa Federation has overtaken Colombian and Asian drug suppliers in New York, and that the cartel now dominates heroin distribution across the United States......

Patriot Post    
All Net Employment Gain Since 2007 Went to Immigrants 
The Center for Immigration Studies took a look at recent numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found some troubling trends that make Barack Obama's executive amnesty even more unappealing. In short, “all of the net gain in employment since 2007 has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal).”....

Joe Guzzardi -- CAPS         
Boehner Has Abysmal Pro-Amnesty, Anti-American Worker Voting
Most of the 162 House Republicans who voted yes on the Obama-endorsed $1.1 trillion, 1,600-page spending bill are scurrying around to make nice with their deeply disappointed constituents. On their websites and via email, the representatives offered unconvincing defenses of their unjustifiable support of the legislation that will, among other outrages, fund Obama's unconstitutional amnesty for 5 million aliens......

Washington Times       
Illegal immigration up, deportations down in 2014: DHS 
The number of illegal immigrants crossing the border rose in 2014, while deportations dropped, according to new statistics Homeland Security released Friday in a pre-holiday data dump that signaled potential problems on both sides of the immigration enforcement equation...

Associated Press        
Sheriff Arpaio to halt squad targeting immigrant ID theft 
An Arizona sheriff known for crackdowns on people living in the country illegally is giving up his last major foothold in immigration enforcement efforts that won him popularity among voters but gradually were reined in by Washington and the courts. -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office revealed late Wednesday that it was agreeing to disband a controversial squad that has raided businesses to arrest more than 700 immigrants who were charged with using fake or stolen IDs to get jobs......

Jeb Bush: I Can ‘Persuade' Conservatives on Amnesty 
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush believes he can “persuade” conservatives to support comprehensive amnesty legislation during a potential 2016 presidential campaign. -- In the second part of his interview with a local Florida television station this week, Bush was asked about the “immigration issue” and whether he could “get through the primary” with his pro-amnesty positions. Bush replied to NBC 6 in Florida that “a candidate gets to persuade.” .....

Rick Oltman -- Universal Free Press       
Translating Jeb Bush 
Jeb Bush's comments on immigration and illegal immigration are more of the same Chamber of Commerce Clan butt kissing to which we have become accustomed over the past two decades -- “A candidate gets to persuade,” Bush told South Florida's NBC6. -- Translation: I will add my voice to the others who are encouraging illegal immigration with all the amnesty talk.....

David Olen Cross --- Portland Oregonian      
Measure 88 --- supporting politicians disregarded unemployed Oregonians 
Oregon’s continued high unemployment numbers continue to show how Governor John Kitzhaber, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian and members of the Oregon State Legislature who supported Ballot Measure 88 (formerly known as Senate Bill 833), legislation that would have required the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issue driver cards to illegal immigrants, foreign nationals illegally in the state, are politicians hopelessly discounted from the plight of the unemployed in the state......

December 18, 2014

Sheriff Joe ratchets up amnesty fight with Obama 
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, is asking permission of a federal court in Washington to provide live testimony at a hearing for his lawsuit against President Obama's executive immigration actions, which effectively grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. -- In a motion filed through his attorney, Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch, Arpaio argues his testimony is important to the Dec. 22 hearing on whether a preliminary injunction should be issued to halt Obama's executive actions until the case can be heard......

Ryan Lovelace -- National Review    
No One's Minding the Store  
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials tasked with preventing fraud from taking place are instead being forced to do administrative work, according to the federal official who created and directed the division of the government responsible for preventing immigration fraud. Opponents and supporters of President Obama's executive action on immigration say the Department of Homeland Security is not prepared to handle the fraud that will come from the implementation of amnesty. The sheer volume of applications the department could receive --- millions are expected --- will make it difficult to weed out document fraud and instances of false representation......

KTAR -- Phoenix        
"Immigrants" closer to driver's licenses in Arizona 
Thousands of young immigrants moved a step closer to getting driver's licenses in Arizona when the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday rebuffed the governor's latest attempt to deny them the privilege. -- The high court denied a request by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to put a previous decision by a lower court on hold. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had ordered the case's judge to bar enforcement of Brewer's policy of denying licenses to about 20,000 young immigrants protected from deportation by an Obama administration policy enacted in 2012......

December 17, 2014

Daily Caller     
Is Obama Trying to Lose the Amnesty Lawsuit? 
Violating the No-Goad Zone: Last Tuesday, in Nashville, President Obama confidently predicted that no future president would be able to reverse his recent executive amnesty of some 4 million illegal immigrants:.....

Arizona Sheriff Babeu: Obama Executive Order Could Give As Many As 20 Million Amnesty
Monday on Fox News' "Your World With Neil Cavuto," Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu (R) said as many as 20 million illegal immigrants will qualify for President Obama's deferred action, according to a memo from Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson......

Daily Caller    
TRUMP: 'This Country Doesn't Need Another Bush'
Donald Trump charmed hundreds of suits Monday night at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Washington. It was the “Winter Dinner” for The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. Wearing a dark suit, one of his own Trump-branded blue striped ties and the infamous bird's nest hairdo, he sat for an on-stage interview with club president David Rubenstein, who he periodically showered with compliments......

Six Reasons Conservatives Oppose Jeb 
On Tuesday, former Florida governor Jeb Bush announced via Facebook that he would “actively explore” a presidential run – in other words, Bush announced that he would be entering the 2016 primary sweepstakes. His early jump effectively bars the candidacies of 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney as well as Florida Senator Marco Rubio. It also disheartens members of the conservative base, who see Bush as too moderate, unlikely to fight the Clintons tooth and nail, and as a representative of a family that helped destroy the Republican brand not once but twice......

The Right Scoop    
Mark Levin ripped Republicans a new one tonight as he opened his show tonight, saying that he is one inch away from leaving the Republican Party. -- He starts in hard, asking Republicans if they think this is a joke, if they think they can just lie to Republicans and conservatives with impunity about defunding Obamacare and fighting Obama's illegal amnesty....

Conservative HQ         
The Exquisite Hypocrisy Of 20 Republican Senators 
One of the reasons our friend Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) gets under the skin of his Republican colleagues is that, unlike them, he actually votes the way he talks. If he's against some policy of President Obama's, like say an unconstitutional attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, he votes NO and does all he can to stop it. -- This annoys his hypocritical Senate Republican colleagues who prefer to campaign like conservatives at home while voting with President Obama when they are in Washington......

Fox News       
Obama administration urges dismissal of Sheriff Arpaio's suit challenging executive action 
The Obama administration is urging dismissal of a lawsuit that would dismantle the president's immigration program, an initiative designed to spare nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation. -- The case was brought by an Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who contends that President Barack Obama's program serves as a magnet for more illegal entries into the U.S. Arpaio says the new arrivals will commit crimes and thus burden his law enforcement resources......

KVOA-TV -- Tucson      
McSally wins Arizona House seat after recount 
Phoenix -- Republican Martha McSally has won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives by 167 votes after a recount in the nation's last undecided congressional race from the midterm elections. -- The results released by a judge Wednesday mean Republicans will hold their largest House majority in 83 years. House Republicans will control 247 seats to Democrats' 188......

Ted Cruz on Politico: Why I Did What I Did
For the past week, Sen. Harry Reid has worked hard to prevent a vote on President Obama's illegal executive amnesty. Finally, after considerable turmoil this weekend, we were able to force a vote. -- Only one month ago President Obama announced amnesty for roughly five million people here illegally. He did so in defiance of the manifest will of the voters; as he rightly noted, his “policies were on the ballot all across the country.” And the people voted overwhelmingly against amnesty......

DeMint: Cruz, Lee 'Representing the Mainstream' of Republican Party 
Most Americans don't watch C-SPAN and I cannot blame them. -- More often than not, it seems as though the Senate is in a quorum call or a lone senator is debating something totally irrelevant to the issues that are important to most Americans. That changed a little bit on Saturday when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Utah Sen. Mike Lee forced the Senate to debate President Obama's executive amnesty......

Sen. Mike Lee: 'Unacceptable' for New ICE Chief to Assert Some Illegals Have 'Right' to Citizenship 
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a new leader. The Senate confirmed Sarah Saldana as head of ICE, but not before Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) had some choice words about her. He notes Saldana has said illegal immigrants who qualify for executive amnesty have a "right" to citizenship and would help Obama subvert the immigration laws she is supposed to enforce......

Mitch McConnell Doesn't Want to Talk About His 'No' Vote on Cruz's Point Of Order on Executive Amnesty 
Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) won't explain why he voted against Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) constitutional point of order on President Obama's executive amnesty, telling reporters the vote is old news......

Wall Street Journal       
Judge Declares Obama's Immigration Overhaul Unconstitutional  
A federal judge in Pennsylvania on Tuesday ruled that President Barack Obama's executive order on immigration was unconstitutional, marking the first time a court has weighed in on whether the White House overstepped its authority by giving millions of illegal immigrants protections from deportation without approval from Congress......

USCIS Director Assures Illegals Executive Amnesty is Permanent 
On Monday, one of President Barack Obama's top immigration officials assured illegal immigrants that Obama's executive amnesty will be permanent. -- Addressing an immigration conference in Los Angeles on Monday in Spanish, Leon Rodriguez, who heads U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), told illegal immigrants to "stop worrying" because "in every moment that an American president has created a new immigration program, that program has been respected by other presidents," according to an Associated Press report.......

Washington Times       
Pennsylvania judge's amnesty ruling reverberates through other challenges 
The federal judge's ruling Tuesday that President Obama's deportation amnesty is unconstitutional is already playing out in other court cases, with two different challengers to the new policies telling their judges to pay attention to the Pennsylvania decision. -- Both Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio filed papers late Tuesday night in their respective challenges to Mr. Obama's amnesty, saying the Pennsylvania judge's ruling adds heft to their own attacks.......

Washington Times       
Amnesty fight: Obama admin. tells courts they're powerless to stop executive order
The administration warned a federal judge Monday to stay out of the debate over President Obama's deportation amnesty, saying decisions about whom to deport fall squarely within the executive's job description, “which this court lacks authority to review.”-- In its first extended legal filing in one of the court challenges to the new amnesty, the Justice Department says courts have long held that an agency's decision whether or not to prosecute someone or to enforce the law is entitled to “absolute discretion.”......


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